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WeWoreWhat for Larsson & Jennings

Tomorrow we are finally launching our possibly most exciting collaboration so far with the muse behind fashion blog and label WeWoreWhat: Danielle Bernstein.

Inspired by her love for all things vintage, Danielle has helped us create a watch collection that features the best of metropolitan flavour and vintage feel.

Read more about the collaboration and Danielle in our exclusive interview below!

... And don't forget to explore the collection here!

What’s the story of Danielle Bernstein?

I grew up in Long Island, NY and started my blog WeWoreWhat.com about 10 years ago. It began as a street style blog where I took photos of girls around the campus of FIT so I could show my friends back at my previous college (University of Wisconsin) outfit inspiration. Eventually, my personal style was resonating with my readers more, so I flipped the camera around on myself and made WeWoreWhat, a personal style blog. Now ten years later, I have developed multiple brands, wrote a book, and just this Fall launched a tech company - just to name a few!

As a fashion muse and idol, where do you gain your daily dose of fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration mainly comes from my peers, the streets of NYC, runway shows and of course certain people I follow on Instagram! Life as an influencer and entrepreneur isn’t always all glamour but can get really busy and stressful at times. 

How do you slow down once in a while and create moments for yourself?

It's definitely hard for me to slow down and not always be 'on', but I try my best to workout consistently and meditate for self care. I try to keep my weekends for myself and to spend time with family and friends.

Tell us about your design inspiration for the L&J collaboration!

The 3 watches are easy, wearable, and vintage-inspired with a modern twist in shapes and metal combinations that are unique to my style and seamlessly fit in with the mixed metal jewelry I accessorize with daily.

Vintage clothing has always played a huge role for you. What would you say is special about the vintage pieces you wear?

I love that vintage pieces are one of a kind, and are always very flattering. I love searching for timeless pieces that I know I'll have forever.

How do you keep track of time to stay organised?

I have a full-time team that helps me stay on track, but of course have also been using my Larsson & Jennings watches I designed to help me stay on time!

Let’s talk more fashion: Which decade’s style is your favourite?

I pull inspiration for my designs, and for what I wear from all decades!

If you could travel in time, where would you be right now?


Where do you see yourself in 10 years' time?

Ten years - who knows! But my three-year plan is to successfully launch my tech company, have a New York Times best-selling book, continue to grow my brands, introduce new ones, and to keep investing and becoming a strategic partner in start-ups, companies, and brands that I believe in from an early stage.

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