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L&J Key Style: Comfortably Clean

The power of minimalism has truly revolutionized the fashion scene – and probably your wardrobe as well. Regardless of its high longevity, the lean closet movement is still thriving within the fashion and lifestyle sectors. But what is it in particular that makes minimalism popular in 2019? The answer is simple and obvious: Within the past decade, digital technology and globalisation have led us to experiencing higher levels of stress than ever. Hence, within a fast-paced, ever-changing environment people seem to look for more comfort and balance using minimalism to remove chaos and to focus on what’s actually important.

Craving for a modern, clean aesthetic where basics such as your basically immortal denims or that clean-cut white shirt are timeless essentials, your watch is the centrepiece that adds more character and a touch of your own personality.

Coming to the end of our big sample sale marathon, we selected the four all-time favourite classic styles remaining to create 4 key outfit ideas, embracing the best of 2019 minimalism. 


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