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Female Empowerment In The Digital Age Feat. our LJ Muses

This International Women's Day we wanted to dive into the world of female empowerment in the digital age and get another take on this from some of our fabulous LJ Muses. Together we're celebrating how the power of women transcends boundaries, igniting change, and shaping the world around us.

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How do you believe social media has shaped the conversation around women's empowerment?

Kiah: @kiahduplechainn

Social media has profoundly shaped the conversation around women's empowerment by providing a platform for diverse voices, including fashion and lifestyle content creators like myself, to advocate for gender equality, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate individuality, thereby fostering a more inclusive and empowering narrative for women worldwide!


What does International Women's Day mean to you personally?

Melody: @oheymel

Personally for me International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s accomplishments regardless of their race, ethnicity, political and economic background. It has created an opportunity that leads to dialogue about how women have played an essential role in movements such as voting, civil, labor, LGBTQ rights and much more!


What steps do you take to support your mental health and well-being? And what advice would you have for other women who may feel like they need some support?

 Annalise: @annalise_durrant

My mental health and well-being are things I take seriously. I take many steps to ensure I’m feeling my best, it doesn’t matter how busy I am I always take time to do something I love. When I’ve struggled previously, a healthy day to day routine has always helped me get back on track. When things get overwhelming having a good routine can make it easier to look after yourself. Personally, I take time out of my busy day to focus on my skincare. I use this 10 mins to relax and practise some affirmations. I also prioritise exercise and eating well to maintain my well-being. When I’m moving and supporting my body/mind with nutrition I feel less lethargic and motivated to make a change. When you’re not feeling well it can be hard so take baby steps, think of one thing you can do differently, focus on that and it’ll help you to consider other things you do that effect your state of mind negatively.

 My advance to women who need more support is to reach out to people who are impartial to your situation. If you have friends/family who you can rely on that’s great, but not everyone has that. My advice would be to take advantage of support offered in schools or your workplace. Reaching out can be really daunting but it’s the one thing that helped me the most when I was struggling. Of course, if you are unhappy, please seek professional advice.

There are always people going through the same problem. In my community as I’m sure there is everywhere, groups of females connect through social media and meet up to do wholesome activities like running or simply getting a coffee. Being a part of groups like these can make your situation a lot less lonely. Making friends in your 20/30s can be hard but everything is a little easier when you’re not alone'


How can we ensure that women from marginalized communities, such as women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and women with disabilities, have equal access to opportunities and resources?

Haddy: @haddyjay_

 Ensuring equitable access to opportunities and resources for women from marginalized communities requires a recognition of the systemic barriers that perpetuate disparity and inequality. Through more meaningful representation in the spaces it matters most, women from marginalized communities can better advocate for their own needs and interests. We all have to be open to continued learning and embrace new solutions to ensure the empowerment of women from underrepresented groups.


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