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LA Summer With Lace

Hey Lace, lovely to meet you, how are you?

Hi! So nice to meet you! I’m doing quite well, staying busy that’s for sure.

Please can you introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about you; where are you from originally and what do you do?

Yes, my name is Lacey or I go by Lace. I am originally from Fresno CA and grew up on a ranch. I always had a passion for fashion and knew I wanted to live in a big city. I sold a tractor in 2013 to move to LA and go to Fashion school. It was the best decision ever! Along the way I started posting my outfits and content creation really became a part time job for me and I LOVE it. I now live in LA with my boyfriend and small dog, creating all the fashion/beauty content and thrifting my life away

LA summer looks lush, what are your fave things to do on those delicious long sunny afternoons?

They are quite perfect. You can find me at the beach reading a book waiting for sunset or probably thrifting. I love stopping into a thrift store and coming across unique and fun pieces I can style. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me always starts with breakfast. That is my most important and favorite meal of the day. My go to’s are an acai bowl, oatmeal bowl, or eggs and toast. After breakfast I walk my dog and feeling the sunshine and air really get me going for the day. I get ready, and will either shoot content at home or with friends and grab lunch. In the evenings I like to relax with a good show or book. When it comes to night sometimes I do work my night job as a senior vip host or I am doing my skincare and in bed by 11pm.

Any top tips for someone visiting LA? Good hang out spots, yummy food, where to go shopping, hidden gems?

If you’re visiting LA, I love the Westfield Century City Mall. So much shopping and yummy food. I will shoutout Tocaya because it is my favorite and on Tuesdays they have $2 tacos. A must. A favorite cafe is Clementine and favorite coffee shop is Highly Likely. If you can’t tell, I live on the West Side. If you’re looking for a more elegant, upscale night, Delilah or The Nice Guy for dinner and drinks. I’d go on about thrift stores to visit but that could be a whole blog within itself!

We are really drawn to your aesthetic, how would you describe your personal style?

My style definitely evolves. This summer I have settled on a European and classic style while keeping up with modern trends. It’s really fun to try different styles and play and mix them up. It can be hard when trying to keep up with an aesthetic instagram feed LOL but transitioning into different seasons help.

Where do you get your inspiration from and what/who influences the way you dress?

I would say I get a lot of my inspo from my influencer community I follow. Lots of inspo comes from instagram but also Pinterest. Another would be flea markets, especially in LA. I love seeing girls in their outfits especially when second hand.

Which L&J pieces did you pick and why?

First of all I have to say the boyfriend watch is my FAVORITE. I wear it daily and it is so easy to pair with any outfit. I am so lucky to have it in two color ways now so I will really be wearing it every day. I have also been wearing my Helena ring every day. Again, so easy to style with anything. The Millie bracelet makes me feel so whimsical yet put together. I chose these pieces because they felt most me and are easy to wear every day!

How have you chosen to style your L&J bits?

My L&J pieces really have a classic and timeless feel. Whether it be a lounge wear look with a blazer or a floral mini dress, I know I can continue to wear these pieces with anything. I think that is what makes them so great, they can evolve with me while staying just as they are. Perfect.

Now lets do a quick LA Summer themed " This or That" 

Cosy night in or Hit the club? 

Cozy nights ALWAYS.

Activewear and sneakers or dress and heels? 

Activewear and sneakers!

Greasy Burger or healthy salad bowl? 

Healthy salad bowl. In my healthy girl era.

Indie girl or pop princess? 

Indie girl for sure.

Gold or Silver? 

Gold, but trying to dabble in silver more.

Country air or city life? 

Honestly, both. 

Ultra modern or vintage vibes? 

Eeek so hard to choose! I’ll go with vintage but I can be a modern girl for sure.

Lazy beach days or Long mountain hikes? 

Lazy beach days with all the snacks.

You can follow Lace on Insta @lacemarie or shop her  fave metropolitan summer styles.