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Introducing: Folke

It's finally here! Welcome to the official launch of Folke; our very first, but definitely not last jewelry line! Read everything about the story behind Folke, our campaign and how to style the pieces below and shop the collection HERE.

The Story Of Folke

When creating Folke, we searched for the perfect source of inspiration that would become the basis for a collection that is so clean, versatile, but yet has such a warmth to it. We were searching for stories and things that would best describe this feeling, but we just couldn’t find the perfect fit. Until we realized that there is no story that is better, or more unique than... yours. We decided that this is not our story. Instead, Folke is everyone’s personal story to form and tell.

She is thoughtful but shy, confident but clumsy. Sometimes she acts lazy, sometimes she blossoms through her passion. She is a mother, a lover, an artist. She loves her flaws and strengths equally. She is unique. She could be anyone. But she is not you. She could never be. Because nobody is and will ever be.

A Collection Inspired By You

Folke is our first-ever jewelry collection where every piece tells a story inspired by the art of finding one’s true self. Each carefully selected design has been handmade using the finest sterling silver with polished gold vermeil. Chosen for their high quality and longevity. We believe that one size fits us all which is why even our rings all come in one regular size, made to bend and adapt with you. Our goal was to create pieces that empower your individuality and eventually will become a part of you and your story.

Effortless, Elegant & Delicate

Folke was made to make you feel empowered, no matter who you are or what the occasion. No matter what your style is, our Folke jewelry will elevate any outfit you wear while giving it your own individual touch. With its polished metal look and sleek, effortless designs, Folke at its core, was designed to live across seasons and generations. Each piece was created intentionally to be layered and worn in multiple ways and to take you from day to night.

Capturing Authenticity

With its throughout clean and minimal character, the campaign, just like the collection itself, is set to leave room for personal interpretation, enabling each and every person who wears Folke to embrace their special and true self. Shot by London-based photographer William Henry Thompson, the goal of this campaign was to capture models Moya and Rosie as their authentic selves.

“The shoot was super fun- being able to work with such an inspiring, creative team of individuals and my best friend really made the day. The pieces of jewelry were unique and beautiful, very adaptable to every woman’s wardrobe.”

- Moya, Model @_moyap_

The Pieces That Tell A Story

Each piece of our Folke collection was created to tell a story; stories that were inspired by you with an open ending. An ending that is yet to be defined.

Maja Necklace

Meaning: Splendid. 

She is wise, joyful and gracious. She has a strong desire for love and companionship. Her life is fulfilled when there are peace and harmony around her.

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Kara Necklace + Bracelet

Meaning: Beloved, dearest friend. 

She is disciplined, earth-bound and straight-forward. She is well-known for always being reliable and true to herself.

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Asta Necklace + Bracelet

Meaning: Divine strength.

She is dynamic, visionary and versatile. She doesn’t like being restricted by rules, always following her instincts.

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Liv Earrings

Meaning: Life.

She is an artist, philosopher, and giver. She thinks deep, loves to create and touch the people around her.

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Thyra Earrings

Meaning: Thunder goddess.

She is independent, compassionate and generous. Her personality is magnetic and lead by deep emotions.

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Tove Ring

Meaning: Beautiful.

She is energetic, passionate and inspiring. She holds a strong power within and is a great achiever who never gives up.

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Helena Ring

Meaning: Bright, shining light.

She is gentle, faithful and kind. Radiating a strong confidence, she is always loyal to herself. She never gives up on love.

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