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Cozy Holidays In NYC

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to celebrate than to have a gold old nosey into the life, loves and festive foibles of one of our L&J besties. So we chatted to Ava @avaann.r about all things Christmas...

Who is Ava in real life?

A girl who just wants to have fun! Hi y’all, I’m Ava and I have lived in Texas my whole life. I moved from San Antonio to Austin, currently studying Advertising and Interior Design at the University of Texas at Austin. Hook’em! I have a passion for being creative and adventurous, caring for others, serving my community, and working hard! I love making memories with my family, friends, and puppy Cowboy! Plus, I'm a foodie always on the lookout for exciting places to eat! Feel free to drop any recommendations! Stay tuned on my socials for a peek into my life! 

We crush on your Insta daily, where do you get your style inspo from?

Aww, thanks! I get most of my style inspo from Pinterest! I swear I could add pins all day to my outfits inspo board! Also, I love looking at what other people wear out and about wherever I am! I love trying to get ahead with some fashion trends while staying true to my style. 

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would have to describe my aesthetic as minimalist but make it fun!  I like a mix of new and thrifted pieces for my fashion. I’ve been very much into western, coastal, and grandma/grandpa core right now! My aesthetic sometimes changes, but I always stay true to my elevated basics! 

What does Christmas and the festive season mean to you?

Christmas is a celebration of love and connection, a time to pause, appreciate, and express gratitude for the bonds that enrich our lives. A time to celebrate and bring together my family and friends! A season of giving! Jesus is the reason for the season! It's about creating cherished moments with loved ones, sharing laughter, and expressing gratitude for the simple joys that make this season truly special.

How does a typical first day of Christmas pan out for you?

My first day of Christmas consists of waking the whole family up on Christmas morning (naturally as I am the youngest with an older sister who is 10 years older than me). We all settle under the Christmas tree exchanging gifts in our Christmas pajamas and drinking hot coffee. After opening gifts, we have monkey bread for breakfast and cozy up on the couch to watch some type of Christmas special. Then, we get ready for Christmas lunch! For Christmas lunch, my extended family comes over to do some more eating, gift giving, and always some playing around outside! The rest of the day is pretty laid-back, just soaking in the family time, embracing the Christmas spirit, and reflecting on why we're all gathered in the first place.

What is on your wish list this year?

This year my wish list consists of some beauty products, home items for my apartment, clothes, books, accessories, and anything for my newish puppy, Cowboy, I adopted! And, of course, anything from Larsson and Jennings! 

Are you a glitz and glam on Xmas day kinda gal or is PJ’s all day more your vibe?

Definitely would have to say I wear my Christmas pajamas up until I get ready for Christmas lunch with the family then it’s time to go casual glam! 

Do you do any of the cooking and what is your favorite festive recipe?

Well my mom does almost all the cooking. I love helping where I can! I always try going for making the desserts, my fav! I would say my favorite overall festive recipe would be buckeye balls! 

Christmas films - what’s top of your list?

My favorite Christmas film this season has to be Home Alone! Somehow I have gone my whole life without seeing it but I just watched it with my roommates for the first time and I loved it! 

Do you have any cute traditions? Games, family stuff, what makes Christmas really Christmas for you?

I would say my family and I have a few cute traditions for sure! On Christmas Eve, we go to Christmas Eve mass then always go to neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights and grab a peppermint mocha as we drive around. Then, there's the Christmas Eve pajama tradition – my mom gets my sister and me  holiday PJs that we get to open and go to bed in. It's a simple joy that never fails to get me excited!

We also celebrate a holiday we call “Friendsgivingmas” where we invite our friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, sometimes even New Year's, into one big party filled with a potluck of food, holiday games, and white elephants! It’s a big jolly time!

All in all, soaking in the holiday decorations and activities with my loved ones really brings the magic of Christmas to life for me!

Festive This Or That

Turkey or nut roast?


Presents first thing or wait ‘til after lunch?

Presents first thing.

Egg nog or mulled wine?

Egg nog.

Mince Pies or Christmas cake?

Christmas cake!

Carol singing or carol avoiding?

Carol avoiding for sure…

Ok it’s a Christmas afternoon, what are you doing? Christmas games or binging Christmas TV specials?

Binging Christmas TV specials 100%.