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Golden Hour With Jade Zammit Stevens

She is the kind of boss girl who does it all: Malta-based Jade Zammit Stevens @jadezammitstevens is our favourite all-rounder! The AI Graduate, Blogger, and Entrepreneur is always busy spreading colour and empowerment. Having her own little brand that sells handmade hair accessories, Jade is possibly the first (and last) Full Stack Developer we've met who combines coding and an undeniably great taste in fashion.

Who is Jade? Describe yourself in 5 words.

I would say I'm passionate, ambitious, creative and probably if you ask my friends and family they'd say impatient and stubborn. 

Tell us more about “Jade With Love”! What do you love most about having your own handmade hair accessories brand?

Unfortunately, I had to put the brand on pause because I started a Masters in The Business of Fashion and managing everything was getting impossible. However, when I was actively working on it, my favourite part was coming up with the campaigns and of course seeing customers happy with their products.

How do you manage your time between blogging, and studying?

Being organised is essential. I list all my tasks on my iPad so I can see everything laid out, then plan things accordingly.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Supporting the people around you in a noncompetitive way. 

Your favourite outfit and why? How do you style it with your L&J pieces?

I love too many to choose one! But if I had to say, probably a plain white dress with loads of gold jewellery. :)