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LDN Blooming With Annalise

Spring styling is a hot topic as we enter the warmer months, lose the layers and look forward to days packed with festival fun, pub gardens and sun kissed skin. With that in mind we spoke to Muse Annalise Durrant about her life in London, beautiful blooms and spring styling tips.

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How do you approach transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring in London, and what key fashion pieces do you consider essential for the season?
Light layers are essential for early spring in London! Cardigans, shirts, tights and skinny scarfs are perfect, anything that isn’t going to take up a load of space in your bag, so that you can take it off if the sun decides to come out. I tend to be in denial about the weather throughout the months of March and April so having pieces I can throw on is a must!

Which emerging trends are you most excited about incorporating into your looks this year?
Well, we all know cherry red and leopard print have dominated the trends this winter, I’m excited to take those styles into spring. However, after watching the Tom Ford & The Attico SS24 runways (my personal favs) there are definitely other trends I’m ready to wear. Sheer fabric is going to be big this year, for sure. Mesh dresses, mesh tops and skirts, mesh anything! I could certainly see myself wearing a long mesh sequin dress on my travels this summer. Surprisingly short shorts made an appearance within the winter trends in previous months but there’s no question that they’re going to dominate during the sunny season, especially if they’re striped or gingham. Although I haven’t ventured towards the short shorts yet this year within my style, I can see myself styling them loads this spring/summer, as they make more sense in my warm weather wardrobe.


When it comes to colour palettes for spring, what shades are you gravitating towards?
I’m always drawn to pastels in spring, especially pale pinks and blues. You can’t go wrong! However, I already feel compelled to style pastel yellow, it’s been slightly popular over the last few years, but I can tell there’s a lot more boundaries to be pushed when styling the colour. I’d love to fashion some outfits together that include a yellow co-ord or potentially yellow accessories like a bag or shoes. I love pastels but with the popularity of pops of red being so prominent recently, I could see myself using that going forward to incorporate not only red but pops of other colours within my wardrobe too, so my outfits don’t feel so washed out.

Are there any specific events or festivals in London this year that you're looking forward to, and how do you plan your outfits for such occasions?
I don’t have anything specific planned just yet. I have got a trip to Greece planned in June, which I’m counting down the days until. It’s to be expected but I’ve already got a Pinterest board dedicated to the outfits I’d love to wear. During the day on vacation, I love to be comfy but by night I love to get dressed up! If you can’t do it then you’re dining by the sea on a mediterranean island where can you? Currently my Pinterest board is full of flowy maxi skirts, sequin co-ords, oversized shirts and colourful graphic tees. Not to mention the chunky colourful jewellery, charm necklaces, oversized rings, and beaded accessories. Summer, for me, is when I get to have the most fun with my outfits. I'm always inspired by the beautiful places I visit and how those places make me feel.

Accessories make or break a look, what are your go-to accessories for spring, and how do they enhance your outfits?
Obviously for winter you have your hats, gloves and scarfs, but for spring I tend to focus on the accessories that get hidden over the colder months. I’ve started adding to my belt collection and have started to really appreciate how much it can add to a look. You can add a pop of colour or tie in colours from other elements of your outfits, not to forget the practicality of them too. When you're 5ft 1 like me jeans never fit right so they’re a must! I love the idea of cuffs for spring. Big chunky jewellery pieces that sit high up on the forearm. You couldn’t wear these in winter as much because you wouldn’t see them, but in summer they make you look like a goddess. For spring I envision them over shirts, making a statement. I’ve really tried to up my accessories game recently, they upgrade a simple outfit to an elevated one.

Are there any particular fashion collaborations coming up that have caught your attention?
Yes, there’s one that’s been on my radar for a little while which I’m excited to get my hands on. Uniqlo is one of my favourite brands, their basics are unmatched. This spring/summer British fashion designer Clare Waight Keller, who has previously worked at the helm of Givenchy, and Uniqlo are collaborating to bring us the Uniqlo: C collection. Clare has worked for many other brands such as Chloé, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, she even designed and created Megan Markle's wedding dress. The womenswear collection will be full of ‘effortlessly modern pieces that prioritise comfort and functionality’. Uniqlo never fails to deliver sleek, simple but exceptionally well executed items, with Clare’s experience and love of simplicity I know the pieces will be truly beautiful. They have released images already on the website, the outfits look as chic and minimalist as you’d expect, there’s a stunning trench coat that I've got my eye on.

Can you share some tips on layering for the unpredictable spring weather in London, while maintaining a stylish and cohesive look?
My tips for layering for spring in London is to experiment with texture and pattern. If you have a relatively plain outfit that consists of jeans, top and a jacket, throwing in a patterned shirt can spice it up a little. The same goes for textures and fabrics; it's the key for creating visually appealing looks. I love pairing soft knits with a structured skirt or jacket. Layering is as much about style as it is warmth, so when in doubt make sure you have a base layer and then you can choose the rest of the outfit from there. When layering colours, I tend to go for monochromatic looks as I tend to lean on the side of minimalism but if you love a pop of colour this creates opportunities to incorporate more!

What does your dream Spring day in London look like?
My dream spring day out in London is easy, I love nothing more than a long walk, dog spotting in a cute comfy outfit, going from coffee shop to coffee shop with my other half or catching up with my friends. I wouldn’t be upset if there was a spot of window shopping involved too. 

What LJ piece did you choose and how have you styled it?
I styled my amazing boyfriend mini classic watch in gold, it quite literally goes with every outfit and has such a timeless look. In the look photographed, I have also styled the Mila ring in rose and the Mila bracelet in blue. Apart from the watch my favourite accessory in this outfit is my Meja ring! I love how chunky it is. It speaks for itself; it makes a statement. This is a relatively simple look so the ring stands out and I love that about it. 

What are your personal style predictions for the coming year?
One trend that I hope comes into fashion (because I’ve already bought them) are capris. Popular through the 70s, 90s and 2000s, they’re just a classic. I know tighter jeans are on the rise again, but I think this is a slightly more stylish way to wear that trend. I’ve picked up a low waisted light denim pair and I can’t wait to style them with a cute top and heels this spring. Another trend I’m seeing more and more of is chunky and colourful jewellery. I’m talking about big beads, charms and gemstones. Minimalist jewellery has definitely taken a step back, it’ll always be timeless but fashion this year has been more about statements, and I don’t think that’s going to change. It’s important to remember that whatever trends come and go, wear whatever you think is cool, it’s impossible to follow every trend, they change so quickly.

Any top tips for someone visiting London for the first time this year? Hidden gems, places to see or be seen etc.
My top tip for anyone coming to London soon is to walk. I know it might seem cliché but when you get the tube everywhere you miss so much. As convenient as it may be, there’s so many areas of London I’ve stumbled upon just by wandering around. If there’s one recommendation I have, restaurant-wise, out of all the places I’ve visited you must visit The Ned. It’s a gorgeous old bank turned luxury hotel. They’ve got many restaurants, one of them being the electric diner. The burgers were insane, and the décor was to die for. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a Sunday they have The Ned Feast which is an all you can eat Sunday roast, it doesn’t get more British than that does it? I say Sunday roast, but they literally have everything under the sun on the buffet. And to top it all off the bathrooms are stunning and are perfect for taking Instagram pictures. P.s I’ve got a video on it on my insta if you wanted to check it out.


Current trends, pop of red or leopard print?

This is impossible to answer! But I guess if I can't choose both then it'll have to be a pop of red!

Day festival or escape to the seaside?

It's the seaside for me.

Bar hopping or girls night in?

Girls night in for sure!

Brick Lane vintage shopping or hit the designer stores in central?

I'd go central I think, designer stores all the way.

Iced coffee or Matcha?


Park picnic or pub garden?

Pub garden, all summer long!

Simple summer dress or luxe layering?

Lets keep it simple, summer dresses are the one.