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Siblings Day With Ashleigh & Joanne

Siblings are the best (and sometimes the worst) but  we all know they are simply irreplaceable. National Siblings Day is the one day a year dedicated to celebrating the kind of unconditional love/hate relationship you can only ever have with a brother or sister. 

To celebrate we've met with UK-based twin sisters and content creators Ashleigh and Joann a.k.a. @ashleigh_and_joann. Learn why family is so important for the twins below.


"Siblings day is a great reminder of how important family is. We are so fortunate to be able to spend time together every day, but we hope days like this are a good reminder for people to reach out to their brothers and/or sisters and tell them how much you love them!! Being a twin is such a gift, having your best friend by your side always; we definitely count ourselves very very lucky! Having a twin is such a unique and beautiful experience, and we are particularly lucky to share the same passions and styles & we love having matching pieces like these so everyone can see our bond"