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The Best Escapes In Scandinavia

If there is one #slowmoments travel destination out there that promises pure nature experinces and relaxation, it must certainly be the Nordic countries. With vast landscapes and its stunning and diverse scenery, Scandinavia invites to explore, relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Our favourite go-to places? Find out more below...

I. Hamnøy, Norway

Located on the Lofoten Islands in beautiful Norway, Hamnøy counts itself to one of the oldest fishing villages in the area. And although wifi has made it inside the typically Scandinavian-designed houses, the nature outside has remained absolutely untouched. The absolute highlight are the auroras which you will find in Norway during 7 months from late September to late March/ early April.

Where to stay? How about a cozy waterfront cabin with fireplace and beautiful sea view?

II. Kullaberg, Sweden

Looking for a more guided adventure? Visit Kullaberg in the South of Sweden for whale safaris or hikes through the wild nature reserve. If you want this trip to be a really special highlight, stay in Falknästet, 'The falcon's nest', which is a one bedroom lighthouse offering a view that you probably won't ever forget...

III. Ivalo, Lapland, Finland

Autumn is said to be one of the best times for an escape to Finland. If you want nature, snow, aurora lights and wild animals combined with a little luxury, your go-to destination is Aurora Village in Ivalo. The cabins with panorama view promise to be the perfect oasis to relax. Ice-karting, snow shoe activities and husky rides are set to give you the ultimate Nordic experience.