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What's 'OUT' and what's 'IN' for 2024?

2023 has been and gone and it may only be Jan 4th but we’re kind of over the 'New Year New Me' pep talks already. So this Jan we thought we’d keep things light, we’re LEAPING into 2024 with a hopeful soul and a smile on our faces. Rather than mantras, affirmations and New Year resolutions, team L&J decided to brainstorm our silly little  predictions for what will be in and out this ‘24.


Y2K style - Peel off those tooth gems and step away from the low-rise bootcut  jeans, it's time to say Bye Bye Bye to this trend.

Small plate restaurants - Let’s stop pretending 2 asparagus and half an egg is a meal guys, it's time to load up those plates and INDULGE. We're thinking traditional restaurants with authentic cuisine where more is more is their mantra, and comfort food all year round.

TikTok snacks - Gherkins wrapped in liquorice….erm WHAT? It was funny for like 5 minutes but now every corner shop is selling giant oversized pickles and the joke is over. Petition for better TT food trends this year please?

Vaping - It's unhealthy and gross and since when was sucking on a USB cool? It's time for Lost Mary to get lost for good!

Threads - Was it ever really in? Don't get me wrong we're still scrolling away and saying every silly little thought that comes to mind but our predicition for 2024...Threads dies out (to make way for My Space?)

‘POV’ Insta posts - It’s getting silly now “POV; we’re bored of this content” 

HIIT workouts - We’re team Pilates here at Larsson Jennings (any workout where you’re predominantly horizontal is a winner for us) so for the year ahead we predict less 'high intensity, sweat 'til you look like you've just jumped out the swimming pool' type exercise and more 'intentional, slow paced, head straight to brunch without the need for a three hour shower workouts'

Giant scrunchies - They’ve had their time, let’s give the delicate bow its moment in the spotlight.


’80s ‘fits - think big hair sprayed bouffants, blusher like warpaint and giant puff sleeve chiffon dresses - Romy & Michelle could never!

The Staycation - Purse strings are tight so we’re exploring all the wonders of the world that are just a little bit closer to home this year. If that means visiting Costa Del Sofa for Summer then so be it!

Oversized everything - Comfy gals unite. From that stolen ex-boyfriends hoodie to the ridiculous viral wearable duvets we're all about the baggy vibes this year.

My Space - We predict that everyone's favourite social platform is about to make a much-needed comeback so it's time to start prepping ya top 5 mates list.

Random acts of kindness - OK fine, these were always in but let’s make a conscious effort this year to show empathy, love and kindness not just at home but to strangers too, you never know what someone's going through.

Mixed metals - Why choose gold or silver, when you can have both? We're mixing and matching and being as indecisive as ever but calling it a trend. Wanna jump on the bandwagon?