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12 days of Holiday Movies

It's giving... tuck me under a duvet with a box of celebrations by my side and I'll see you in January!

Yup, sofa season is upon us, and once we've got the obligatory office Christmas party over and done with there'll be nothing but movie marathons and tasty treats from here on out. 

So with that in mind, assuming you probably don't need help on the snack front, we've compiled a list of the best holiday films, one a day in fact, for the next 12, to take you right up until the fat man's loading up his sleigh. Enjoy!


13/12 The Holiday

It's the double rom-com that never gets old because don't we all secretly wish we had a Mr Napkinhead in our lives?

14/12 Love Actually

It's cheesey, it's trashy, it's a little problematic, it's.....the BEST XMAS MOVIE EVER?

15/12 It's a Wonderful Life 

If you don't cry through at least 50% of this are you even human?

16/12 Elf

Spaghetti with maple syrup anyone?

17/12 Miracle on 34th Street

A true classic and one you'll want to revisit year after year.

18/12 Home Alone

Ok are you comfy? 'Cause we're doing all three in one sitting!

19/12 A Charlie Brown Christmas

We don't know whats better, the movie or that sensational soundtrack we've had on repeat since the end of November

20/12 Muppets Christmas Carol

The most perfect retelling of a classic story that's as good now as it was when we were ten.

21/12 The Snowman 

Is Christmas even complete without watching a Snowman fly while tucking into turkey leftovers?

22/12 Click & Collect

A new contender to the Christmas collection but it's a LOL a minute.

23/12 Bad Santa

Because it doesn't have to be ONLY romcoms and wholesome family fun at Christmas.

24/12 White Christmas

If you haven't seen this absolute classic then get it to the top of your list because it just gets better with age.