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Age of Style: Gen Z vs Millennial

What Defines the Fashion Choices of Millennials and Gen Zs?

From punks to mods and from rock’n’roll to cheesy pop, taste has changed considerably over the past 30 years and continues to do so at a rapid rate. But what defines your generation? Whether you were born in the early 80s to the mid 90s (then you might just be a true millennial kid), or between the mid-90s to the mid-00s making you a Gen Z gal: We took a look at fashion choices and what defines each generation.

It’s in your jeans…

Do your denim desires give away your era? A key difference between the fashions of the two generations is silhouette. For millennials it was tight and cropped, think Britney-esque low rise jeans and belly tops. Whereas Gen Z opted more for oversized and the rise of streetwear made tracksuits reign supreme. We’re seeing Y2K trends making a big comeback right now, but with the baggy on baggy aesthetic close on its tail, super skinny or super slouchy, what’s your style?

Color match

So it turns out that while color palettes seem to eb and flow with the seasons, there are trends that come around far more prominently from one generation to the next. 

Millennials historically lean more towards soft pastels and neutrals, reflective of a time when people were less keen to stand out maybe? Social media was but a figment of someone's imagination when this generation was born, so the idea of purposefully drawing attention to yourself was perhaps a little overwhelming, leading to softer and less eye-catching hues. 

Then in walks Gen Z, bright, bold and dying to be seen, The social media generation are yearning for the spotlight, donning neons and clashing patterns just to make a statement.

The jewel in the crown

What about when it comes to accessorizing, does the decade you’re born really make a difference to how you finish your look? Well apparently, yes it does. The minimalist vs maximalist style choices extend to your bags, jewelry and watches with Millennials choosing paired back, delicate pieces such as the Zodiac necklaces and Luv rings


Whereas Gen Z who echo their bold color choices and oversized looks with chunky watches like our newest Jade and statement jewelry such as the Harpa Necklace and Meja ring


But all this aside one thing remains, Millenials and Gen Z agree on one thing, eco-friendly and socially conscious choices. Which is why no matter how diverse the design we keep sustainability at the core of our brand. Read more about our journey towards sustainability  here.

Despite their differences, there are many similarities between Millenials and Gen Z, fashion is ever evolving and tastes change so it’s exciting to see how the generation to come will continue to express themselves through their clothes and jewelry. 

What do you think? Do your style choices match your generation?