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All about you, Libra! ❤️⚖️

You are the slick, smart, charmers of the Zodiac for sure. Always tactful, pleasing and diplomatic, you Librans can fit in any place, anytime, with anyone. From the gym to the bar, a library, a busy restaurant right to the most niche of clubs, you are a chameleon who can hold their end of the convo whatever the topic. In short: You are the forever centre of attention and loved by all around. 

Your downfall? You hate losing control... with so many topics spinning in your mind you need order order order, so when it comes to having fun and letting go of the reigns, sometimes this isn’t the easiest task for you.

The month ahead 

The solar eclipse this month is happening in your sign and this means a major new beginning for you, you’ll need to consider your personal alignment and authenticity with whatever situation you’re dealing with. 

A significant ending that’s been in the works for the past 18 months is finally starting to settle.  Is there a relationship flame that’s beginning to go out? a friendship that’s on the rocks? Or maybe a career that you’ve not been comfortable in for a while, time to bite the bullet! Note to self: don't avoid the inevitable, this end will come and now is your chance to do things your way!

As the month comes to an end a time of experimentation is on the horizon, despite your usual sociable butterfly status you sometimes have a habit of sticking to what you know, but try to step out of your comfort zone and spice things up. Mingle with new people, try new things and let your charisma spak for itself in new and exciting surroundings.

Your look: You adapt, change and fit into any situation so need jewelry pieces that can do the same. Switch and change between the colours and moods of the Luv ring and Luv necklace

Your soundtrack:  We told you its time to switch it up, so this month the choice is yours, if you're an indie girl try some RnB, if it's hard house you're into then what about folk. And if you're totally lost, hit random and dance 'til your feet hurt.

Your nourishment: Did we say step out of your comfort zone and spice things up? Well I guess thats the theme then, think an extra sprinkle of chilli, the hottest curry on the menu, and a morning ginger shot to put a spring in your step.