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Minimal Styling With Nanu

If you’re into black & white with the occasional pops of color inspiration, then this one’s for you: Nanu Gvelesiani @nanugvelesiani lives and breathes her classic minimal outfit ideas. The Content Creator / Influencer inspires her community of over 11k followers with classic styling ideas that work from day to night. Meet the European fashion addict below.

Check out her favorite LJ pieces here!

Tell us about yourself. What's your story? 

My story is a permanent process, always moving and evolving throughout my life. I am Nanu, from Georgia. I am a Content Creator, Fashion Influencer and I have a degree in Psychology. I plan to go on studying Literature, too. There are many goals in my life that I want to achieve. Fun fact: One of my hidden skills is singing. I love thinking about ideas that pop into my mind. If they keep staying I follow them. That is how I became a Content Creator, a decision I am still so happy about. I saw so much joy in Minimal Fashion. The main thing is though: I love my family insanely and those are the people who are the most important in my life.

What is your favourite way to spend some "me time"? 

That's the time when I don't think about any obligations or plans. “Me time” can be different and it depends on the mood and general situation of my life. I love sweet home days with my husband, doing almost nothing, reading (which I am very passionate about).

How did you discover minimal style? 

It feels like it has come naturally to me. After many attempts of experiencing different styles, I reckon you choose the one closest to you. In various stages of life, this might change. I love minimalism with all its different perspectives. For me, it’s a whole lifestyle: From minimal fashion to interior, I live and breathe it!

What are your three fashion advice tips?

I don’t really have any specific fashion tips: Everyone and everything is so different and individual. Just do what makes you feel comfortable. Wear the outfits that you can imagine seeing yourself in, then dare and take a step. Remind yourself of what you were wearing in your childhood: There might be some great trends right there that have come back!

What do you love most about your L&J pieces?

I like their refinement and the feeling that comes with wearing them. From my perspective this is something close to confidence, elegance, essence and profundity with a little bit of sweet nostalgic vibes, because L&J is so classic.