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LDN Summer Calling With Stephanie Emma

Style Blogger and social media lover Stephanie Emma @itsstephanieemma is your go-to fashion inspiration when it comes to a neutral colour palette and modern cuts. We had a chat with the London-based fashionista talking about her wardrobe obsessions and relaxed summers in beautiful LDN.

Who are you outside of social media? Tell us about the real Stephanie! 

It's true what they say when it comes to me, social never sleeps! I work full time in social media marketing within the fashion industry.

What are your styling do’s and don’ts?

Even though I play around with the odd bit of colour, I am a neutral girl at heart. I try to purchase items in similar tones, to make my wardrobe easy to mix and match and create a capsule wardrobe. But I would say invest in good quality basics which can be elevated with staple jewellery, that way you'll never have nothing to wear. 

What is your favourite part about summer in London? 

I'm new to living in London as I have only been here for a year now but I am absolutely loving it. There is always something new and exciting to do but truthfully I love just wandering around the city with a good podcast playing and just taking in the sights.

#itsljtime for you when… 

I am out with my friends in a newly discovered independent coffee shop with an iced latte in hand having a good old catch up. A lot of my best friends are not in London so it is always so special when they come to visit.

What is your favourite L&J piece and why? 

The classic gold bangle: It goes with absolutely everything and I have worn it everyday since getting it. It adds just the right amount of bling without distracting from the outfit and watch itself.