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Larsson & Jennings is a brand born out of a desire to challenge convention.

When Larsson & Jennings launched in 2012, we set out to disrupt the industry, paving a path away from the mass market and unsustainable production with watches that are manufactured responsibly and efficiently.

The fashion watch market is monopolised by licence agreements between huge companies and large-scale brands that use watches as a revenue stream and marketing tool. It’s a volume play, and for the most part there isn’t much thought or care put into the design process or the way these products are made.

So we set out to do things differently and we brought out a range of watches that combined integrity of design, quality and value for money.

Andrew Jennings had always loved watches, having inherited a vintage Rolex at the age of 10 from his uncle. It sounds obvious – start a business based around something you love – but it took Andrew a few years of sitting behind a desk in London’s financial district feeling unfulfilled before he realised he could turn his dream into a reality.

After a trip to Stockholm in 2010 to see his friend, Joakim Larsson, Andrew was inspired by the city's minimal Scandinavian style to create a watch that would strike the perfect balance between modern and classic. So he came back to London, quit his job in the city and took a risk.

It was a good idea, and good ideas get copied. But we remain true to our values - innovating, creating classic timeless products in a sustainable way and always striving to be better.

Today Larsson & Jennings continues to draw design elements from Stockholm & London with a key focus on sustainability and longevity.