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#LJheroes: Spreading Love and Sharing Positivity.

There is too much good out there to have it all go unnoticed.

These are unprecedented times. Modern media is filled with negativity thats fuelling our culture of excess, polarisation and consumerism. In such a tough economic environment there is only so much we can do to help this global crisis; but we all have a voice and we intend to use ours to spread love and positivity.

Introducing a new campaign we’ve titled #LJheroes. We want to share your human stories to bring positivity to our news feeds.

Meet the first of our first #LJheroes - Olly Courtney. Olly is a nurse based in an Acute Medical Assessment Unit in North Wales and has worked double his usual hours (over 72 hours) this week on a Covid-19 ward because there have been so many new cases.
Olly is family so we are a little biased - but he’s very worthy; a soldier on the front line of our battle against the Covid-19. He knows its going to get worse before it gets better and wants everyone to just stay at home!

Thank you to Olly and all those fighting for us. 

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