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All about you,  Sagittarius!

It's Sagi season baby and don't we know it! Sagittarians are one of the boldest signs of the zodiac. Big and bouncy, loud and loving they come with boundless energy whether you like it or not. They have zero filters, which makes them spontaneous, honest, hilarious and challenging. 

Despite their light-hearted, fun-loving exterior this fire sign is also quite the thinker. Smart, philosophical and passionate they can work hard (when it suits them) and will solve any conundrum (if they fancy it). Put bluntly Sagittarians are free spirited and live life by their own rules. They surely do NOT like being told what to do but their bohemian soul makes them kind-hearted, loving and a great companion.


The month ahead 

You're a natural born adventurer so this is your time to step into your wild, broaden your horizon and take the plunge on those adventures you've been contemplating for a while. Be it a holiday, a class or an exciting looking restaurant, use this season to explore new things and create experiences in the everyday.

Jupiter, the planet of generosity, is the ruler of Sagittarius. This means you’re feeling especially giving right now! That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spending all your money on gifts (although it is holiday season), but it could mean you’re being more generous with your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

And finally, even you, the confident social climber with an ego to match isn't totally perfect after all. Acknowledge your flaws, is there such a thing as being TOO open? You have a rep for being a little pushy at times and dare we say...extra? Make sure you reserve space for the people around you, let them have their moment in the spotlight, because you have a lifetime of that ahead of you.



Your look: You have a big personality and like to stand out from the crowd. Whilst subtle and elegant you have an edge, something others can match. Make others green with envy in the Boyfriend Mini Elevate Gold Green 31mm

Your soundtrack: You're strong, you're confident, you're unforgettable, you're a Honky Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones!

Your nourishment: This isn't necessarily specific to you but could we really head into December without recommending a big roast dinner and a delicious mug of mulled wine?