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Minimal Design: Make Space to Create

Sometimes less is more, don't you agree? Or wait, isn’t it more with less?

Either way, the global trend of minimalism has been one of the biggest ones in the design world for a long time now. A clean aesthetic using the maximum amount of white space and a minimal style can leave space for endless opportunities when it comes to creativity and personal interpretation, just like a blank piece of paper. 

With mere fundamental elements and simple or little colour, expressive typography and photography, details can truly be brought to live. And those details are not just the details. Instead they make the design.

Another aspect that comes with minimalism is the creation of purpose for colour. Black and white spaces combined with 2 or less colours can highlight these and give them a special role. When it comes to our watches, we believe that focusing on detail and a sleek design always creates the perfect watch layout.

Clean, simple, beautiful: Minimalism can be a source of true inspiration for more... Or less? You decide.