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Our Favourite Self-Love Pieces For V-Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is close, and we got a little something here for you… Alright, let’s drop the cheesy rhymes and get to the point. Below you will find our favorite Larsson & Jennings pieces celebrating the love for ourselves.

It’s 2020 and self-love is playing a bigger role than ever before. But how does self-love manifest itself? There are different opinions on that but essentially it is certainly not being egoistic, nor selfish: It is much more the regard we have for our own happiness by making healthy choices in life. Something that is so important for our self-esteem, well-being and the way we handle relationships with others. In short: Without self-love, we would not be able to give love to others.

So, besides the romantic kind of love we are going to celebrate on the 14th, let’s put ourselves first this year by giving us a little gift to demonstrate self-love. Find below our top Folke jewelry pieces where each Scandinavian name holds a different and unique story to it.

Kara Necklace

Meaning of Kara: Beloved, dearest friend. 

She is disciplined, earth-bound and straight-forward. She is well-known for always being reliable and true to herself.

Our Kara necklace was made to remind you of the importance of being true to yourself. With its delicate design, it is as adaptable and versatile as you.


Asta Bracelet

Meaning of Asta: Divine strength.

She is dynamic, visionary and versatile. She doesn’t like being restricted by rules, always following her instincts.

Wear our Asta bracelet as a symbol for your inner strength and that following your instincts will always lead you onto the right path.


Liv Earrings

Meaning of Liv: Life.

She is an artist, philosopher, and giver. She thinks deep, loves to create and touches the people around her. 

Like life itself, our Liv earrings are set to make you think deep, love yourself truly and inspire you to be more creative.


Tove Ring

Meaning of Tove: Beautiful.

She is energetic, passionate and inspiring. She holds a strong power within and is a great achiever who never gives up.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel beautiful in a world where self-doubt can be triggered anytime by what social media tells you. Wearing our Tove ring should remind you that your inner and outer beauty, are both not to be defined by the media, but yourself.