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Which Watch Size Is Yours?

So your plans are laid, your ‘fit is fire. All you need now is the finishing touch, the perfect timepiece to complete your look. When it comes to choosing a watch, it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all. There’s the strap, the lug width, the case diameter.. It can be tough to know where to start so here are a few tips on choosing the right watch for you.


Firstly, let's check the look. Are you going for a subtle piece to match a delicate styling or something chunkier to make a statement? Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your watch, and look out for keywords. The lug width describes the size of the strap that fits the respective watch type and the case thickness which ranges from thinner 6mm to bolder 8.5mm. Here's some info on our range of watch sizes and shapes:


Smaller case diameters are great for smaller wrists and more dainty, elegant outfits. A perfect choice for this would be the Boyfriend Mini 31mm. Go classic or glitz it up with a piece from the Elevate collection.



When it comes to larger sizes and you're looking to make a bolder statement or find a watch that really holds it's own against an OTT look, then our bestselling original Boyfriend 40mm is the perfect pick for you.



In terms of versatility, you can't much better than a classic medium sized round bezel. Queue the gorgeous Jade gold 36mm, your match made in heaven.



Now you've got the inside scoop on sizing up and finding the perfect timepiece for you! Check out our full collection of classic watches here.