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Winter Styling With Angela Villegas

Angela, thanks for letting us have a peek into your life! Your chic monochromatic style and effortless aesthetic have been one of our fave Insta stalks for quite some time so let’s have a natter…

You are based between LA and SD right? But how do you find your style differs between the two places?

Definitely, I have different styles in each both city, SD is my hometown, and my style here is comfortable and confident and casual but when I'm in LA, this is where I can get creative and let my passion for fashion out whether creating content or modelling, my rule is to  experiement wear what makes me feel powerful 

Where do you get the inspiration for your looks from?

I have to say that from a lot of creators and my visions, I love to see when people overdress and get their looks on point. It inspires me to dress like that and I can just add my ideas and creativity and make a look, not only to look beautiful but to show confidence and strength. 

What’s your process when it comes to styling an outfit for winter?

My main purpose is to make sure I am nice and warm, I'm always cold so I have to wear something comfortable and cosy, there is beautiful clothing to wear in winter, I love to wear a minimal cosy warm outfit, Black and Grey are my favourite combination of colours to wear in winter with big coat, blazers, knit sweater, scarfs, etc. styled with solid black boots because they go with everything.

Who are your ultimate style muses?

I have many style muses that I get inspiration from, either actresses, singers, brands etc but here are a few of them: 

- Kendal Jenner

- Gal Gadot

- Chloe Grace Moretz 

- Lady Gaga 

- Adele

You always look so chic, but do you have any top tips for keeping a look so elevated? 

Having confidence, it is noticeable when a person has confidence, it adds more shine and power to the look, I said this before, “self-confidence is the best outfit” 

Modelling and creating content for a living is a dream job for many people but what is your favorite thing about what you do for a living?

I'm grateful that I finally can get to do what I always wanted to do, having the freedom to make my own choices in my work, making the projects and creating content is what I love and seeing progress as a UGC creator and Model is what thrills me the most.

 Any hot tips for someone trying to get into UGC and the fashion world?

You have to have PATIENCE! Everything will take time to see results or even a sign that it is working. As much as it seems amazing, brilliant, and glamorous, it is not an easy path to achieve. It will be stressful, not gonna lie, but if you stay consistent with it and have hope, you will achieve it, believe me. 

How does a typical day in the life of Angela normally pan out?

On my normal days when I'm not working on projects or going for a photoshoot, I wake up at 7 am. I get ready for a workout, take a shower, skincare, get ready, cook breakfast and have everything ready to work in a coffee shop.

Once I’m there, I work around 2-3 hours on responding to emails, reaching out to new clients, editing or anything I have to work on.

After work, I love to disconnect my mind from technology. I go to a park or a place that is quiet to read, do a little bit of journaling and meditate.

Then I’ll go back home to make myself a delicious dinner, play piano and just chill for the rest of the night.

What are your favourite things to do in LA? Any secret (or not-so-secret now) spots you’d recommend to someone visiting for the first time?

I have a lot of favourite places to go in LA to create content just to have the experience of being there, but I recommend if you are a content creator or a person that loves the minimal aesthetic, go to ROW DTLA, it is a beautiful place to take pictures, grab a coffee, go shopping and just hang out.

Winter Styling This or That

An oversized scarf or big bobble hat?

Oversized scarf

Flats or heels?


Chunky jewellery or delicate pieces?

Delicate Pieces

Gold or silver?

Gold Jewellery 

Keep it casual or dress it up?

Dress it up

Monochrome or pops of colour?


Love to layer or keep it simple?

Keep it simple