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It’s that funny time of year again, right? The seasons are changing and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Am I dressing for summer or autumn now? And can I squeeze in that last extra trip away? Is Mercury in retrograde - AGAIN? What on earth is transitional dressing?

But amongst all the confusion we wanted to take time to focus on some of our favorite new things as well. So whether you need a new hobby, a distraction, or some inspo for an end of summer birthday present for your bestie: Check out our round up of the best things to eat, see and do right now.


Gone are the days of flower arrangements being something reserved exclusively for your Nana at her WI meetings. This year we’ve seen beautiful, extravagant and unusual florals everywhere from the catwalks of Fashion Week to hip pop up restaurants and influencer It Girl events.

If you fancy dabbling in this intricate art, why not try your hand at a floral design workshop? We’ve seen these springing up in every city. Or want a more budget friendly option for your first attempt, we LOVE the new book Flower Porn by London based floral artist My Lady Garden. (Side note: this also makes a fabulous coffee table book. Look how pretty!!!!)


Look, we know small plates, orange wine and $15 picantes are in. And we get it: They’re all delicious! But if the purse strings are a little tighter then normal right now for obvious reasons. Let’s not overlook the humble BYO. You’ll find them in every city, tucked away on quiet back streets behind humble facades.

They probably won’t come up when you search for the best places to eat in the city and you may have to hunt them out but boy are they worth it! More often than not you’ll find delicious and affordable plates of authentic cuisine and you can wash them down with your favorite tipple for a fraction of the price of a fancy restaurant. So basically, let’s round off this summer with more food, more drinks, and more pennies left over.


This is nothing groundbreaking. I mean, have scrunchies ever NOT been in fashion? We’ve even taken to rocking these as part of our wrist stacks in the LJ office along with some fave chunky gold bracelets. However, unpredictable cross season weather is when the humble scrunchie really comes into its own. Noone has time to tame a bed head every morning and ten minutes out the door you’re dealing with a frizzy mess anyway.

So embrace the sweat, rain, wind, and everything in between and go for a chic slicked back bun, finished with the biggest scrunchie you can get your hands on. The bigger the better. If it doesn’t look like a halo atop that angelic little head of yours then its not big enough. Make any barnet sleek with our fave transeasonal (there’s that word again) accessory and get scrunchin’.


Where my inattentive girlies at? We live in a fast-paced, scroll hole world and committing to a 2 hour film is becoming more and more difficult. But equally, who has the time to get through a whole 10 part series in close enough succession that you actually remember who’s who and what’s going on?

Enter the mini series, normally coming in hour long episodes, they’re the perfect hybrid. 4 lovely little bite size chunks you can get through the whole thing in a week or if you really want to commit and binge watch you’re not sacrificing an entire weekend. Some of your recent faves include: ‘Painkillers’, ‘From Scratch’, ‘Inside Man’ (which is somehow so bad it’s good?) and ‘Unbelieveable’.