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Gift Guides For Every Gal

Still not sure what to get your bestie? Or that golden girl sister who seems to have it all? Well, look no further than our comprehensive gift guide with an option for everyone no matter their style.


The Spiritual Gal

She lives her life by star signs and you better believe she checked yours when you first met. Luckily you were compatible and now it's time to treat her to something special like our Zodiac necklaces. She's the spiritual gal who likes to keep her crystals close, gift her good luck and fortune with a birthstone bracelet.

The Fashionista 

She pulls killer look after killer look and never misses a beat on the style front. A hard one to please but we think the Boyfriend Mini Elevate Mixed Gold will impress even her keen eye.

The Party Animal 

The life and soul of the party needs a statement piece to catch eyes on and off the dance floor. It's got to be the watch everyone's talking about Boyfriend Mini Elevate Gold Green will make others green with envy. 

The Introvert

She loves time alone with her head in a good book but when she does venture out you're the one she calls, and she always looks immaculate decorated with chic and simple pieces like the Boyfriend Mini Classic Gold White 

The Maximalist 

More is more is more for this extravagant babe, layer, clash, and when you think you've done enough, add more! Kick off the killer looks with a big bold piece like the Jade Mixed Gold or a chunky Erla Bracelet.

The Minimalist

Keep it chic and understated for your minimalist mate with the delicate and dainty but perfectly personalised Sleek Name Necklace.

The Tomboy 

Androgyny is key here so opt for something versatile and unisex like the Classic Boyfriend Mixed Gold 40mm