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Celebrating Galentine's Day With Multimedia Painter Autumn Leppla

This year we're celebrating Galentine's Day with Multimedia Painter Autumn Leppla @autumnleppla in her studio in Downtown LA.

Raised in North Texas, Autumn has been influences by a southern charm and her cultural roots. Her Native name is Ahoo Cho, which means "Blue Wing" in English. Autumn's art is heavily inspired by her Native American culture and spirituality, as well as socio-political events.

Using portraiture and symbolism, she conveys the emotions and ideas behind her work; on the canvas and as a successful woman in the NFT space.

The muse shared her story with us on self-love, empowerment, and timing. Read our full interview with Autumn below.


How do you show yourself love?

Many of the articles on self-love stress actions like taking a hot bath, getting a massage, or cleaning out your closet. While these actions may be loving to yourself, they are not what I believe self-love is about.

It’s not enough to do nice and fun things for myself. The nice and fun things mean nothing if I’m abandoning myself by ignoring my feelings, judging myself, turning to various addictions or making someone else responsible for my sense of worth and safety.

Expressing my love to myself means that:
•I stay present in my body rather than in my head.
•I listen to and trust my feelings.
•I define my own worth.
•I don’t engage with people who treat me with less than love and respect.
•I treat others with love and respect and I share my love with others.
•I focus on gratitude for all I have.

Doing nice things for myself is great – but only if I’m also taking care of myself lovingly.

What does empowerment mean to you?

To me, empowerment means being bold, strong, and courageous enough to follow your dreams or goals no matter what obstacles might lie in your way. Just knowing in your heart that you can do anything that you put your mind and energy toward accomplishing even if others doubt your ability to be successful. Empowerment means making your own path and speaking your own truth unapologetically.


How does timing play into your art?

I easily lose track of time when painting since it’s so meditative and takes so much focus. That being said, making the art is only one part of being a professional artist. I also have a business to run, clients to show pieces to, NFT’s to make and market. Time management is crucial to all this and having a watch is nice because it means while I’m painting I don’t have to be on my phone which can be distracting.

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence begins in the mind. Think of your favorite song. Now Imagine dragging your fingernails across a chalkboard. There was no sound. And yet, in response to a set of completely imaginary events, your mind produced very real physical reactions. Because your brain can not distinguish imagination from reality. Imaginary situations cause your brain to send your body the same commands as it would a real situation. Whatever your mind believes your body will manifest.

What does a perfect solo date night look like to you?

Cooking myself a nice meal and cuddling up with a book in bed!

What is your favorite time piece from Larson and Jennings?

The gold Calista hoop earrings and the Mini Boyfriend Gold make me feel elegant!


Interview & imagery by Weslee Kate @wesleekatecreative.