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5 Reasons Why Wearing A Watch Triggers Your Success

Keeping track of time is key in today’s busy world. With smart phones and other gadgets being an easier way to tell the time than a simple watch - here are five good reasons (and more) for why wearing a wrist watch will help you in the professional world…

I. Elegance Is Key

In most companies and situations, elegant style comes across as more sophisticated. Strapping on that sleek dress watch is the perfect accessory to round off your suit and tie and complete that elegant look. Metal strap or high quality leather band: The choice is yours!

II. Making An Impression

During important moments like job interviews, the first impression counts a lot. Co-founder of Manager Tools, Mark Horstmann highly recommends you wearing a watch to any interview, certainly because it looks great, but it also allows you keep track of time. Checking the time by looking at your watch? Check. Looking at your phone? Definite no go!

III. Appreciate Good Quality

Just like James Bond in the 1960s, most successful people are more aware of the importance of high quality products than ever. Wearing a quality timepiece, with a classic style that never goes out of fashion, for at least £100 remains a trend of high demand.

IV. European Standards

In a large number of European companies and organisations, according to this Forbes article, wearing a wrist watch shows what kind of a serious professional you are. The same might go for Asian countries, though possibly not so much for the US.

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