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Behind The Scenes Of Folke

It's here and it's real: A lot of you have waited for this day to finally arrive, and here we are in January 2020, about to launch our first-ever jewellery collection named Folke!

Before we get into the details of this special collection, we'd like to give you a brief introduction to what Folke is all about. Because those jewellery pieces are not about Larsson & Jennings. Folke was designed to be about you, to become a part of your story and personality; sending you on the inspiring quest to find, rediscover and embrace your true inner self.


With its throughout clean and minimal character, the campaign, just like the collection itself, is set to leave room for personal interpretation, enabling each and every person who wears Folke to embrace their special and true self.

“It was a joy to photograph the new jewellery. The pieces have a beautiful simplicity and it was great to capture them in a way that reflects this.”

William Henry Thompson @williamhenrythompson, Portrait Photographer

Shot by London-based photographer William Henry Thompson, the goal of this campaign was to capture models Moya and Rosie as their authentic selves.

“The pieces to me are very timeless. Keeping it to gold and silver staples it’s easy to blend them in with other jewellery I own. The shoot was so much fun to be a part of as the brand is so fresh and new.”

- Rosie Viva, Model

Watch our BTS campaign video below and get ready for one of our biggest launches this year!

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