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Here Is What The Watch Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Do you take pride in your appearance? If so, you're probably being exploited by the multi-billion dollar jewelry industry. And they have you right where they want you... So I'll let you in on a little secret...

The idea that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a stunning watch is a LIE. You can own a jaw-dropping, head-turning watch without having to break the bank.

Besides, a Rolex or a watch like it is just going to gather cobwebs hidden in a drawer because you're too afraid to take it anywhere.

Larsson & Jennings watches were made with YOU in mind. They aren't made to be forgotten about. They were crafted to be worn and shown off; to be your go anywhere, do anything watch.

Got a job interview? A party? A wedding? Just slip one of these on your wrist and watch everyone line up to say "hey, that's a stunning watch, how much did that set you back?", all while smiling to yourself because you didn't fall into society's trap of piling up debt just to impress people. 

Why are Larsson & Jennings Watches Different?

Most fashion watch brands love to make big promises about luxury, but they use garbage materials that cost pennies. Watches that fall apart with even the smallest amounts of wear and tear. 

We hate that kind of dishonest corner cutting here at L&J,  we're obsessed with making each of our watches a full-blown masterpiece. 

  • Finely crafted Swiss-Made watch movements, globally recognised as the very best in engineering, precision, and accuracy.
  • Locally sourced leather from Anglo-Swedish tanneries. Hand sewn and shaped in Italy. 
  • Hand-finished materials for premium detailing and durability.
  • Hand-made and quality controlled to ensure they meet our every single standard.

These Watches Aren't for Everyone

Now, you might be wondering... How is such a high-quality watch so cheap?

Well, we can offer fantastic prices because we don't have million dollar ad campaigns. (That's what you're really paying for when you buy most watches!)

The truth is we'd rather offer an elite experience to a select few than make a watch that's just average.  

If you're okay with a mass produced, poorly designed piece of metal and glass then a Larsson & Jennings watch probably isn't for you. 

Our watches are about the feeling you get when you put them on, about showing off what makes you unique. 

Our Watches Are Special and We Can Prove It!

To prove we're not all talk, we put our money where our mouth is with a 5 year (yes, you read that correctly) international warranty that covers any manufacturing or material defects in the movement of your watch.                            

Find another watch brand who has that much belief in their watches, we dare you.

"How Larsson & Jennings became one of Britain's coolest watch brands"
-GQ Magazine
 "I am truly in love with my watch. It came quickly and is just beautiful"
- Nigel B
"A new wave of clean-lined and purist watches that pare things back and keep things ultra-simple" 
- Shortlist magazine
"A classic look, that can worn during the day and in the evening. I always get lots of comments and compliments"
- Customer
If you want to look great and still go on a vacation some time this decade, then order today!

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