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Influencer Styling With Ume Romaan

Influencer, Designer and Mom Ume Romaan a.k.a. @umeromaan had a chat with us, talking about how she likes to style our new jewelry line, Folke and why embracing your individuality is so important in 2020.

Read the full interview below and shop our Folke collection here!

Your styling is always ultra-clean, timeless and though so very versatile. How does the jewelry fit into your daily wardrobe?

I tend to favor clean lines and silhouettes that are aesthetically minimal. The Folke jewelry collection really compliments my wardrobe choices and its versatility means they work so well with most of my wardrobe. 

Which piece is your favorite and why?

The bracelets are really easy to wear and I think they look great stacked or with my L&J gold watch. The delicacy of the bracelet chains against the depth of the watch really compliment each other.

How do you usually style your jewelry?

Most of my wardrobe tends to stick to a minimal color palette so the jewelry is an extension of my outfit choice. I work around what I'm wearing so the accessories can easily compliment. 

What are your three favorite character traits about yourself?

Generous, Loyal and Patient. 

Each piece of our Folke collection was named after a Scandinavian name with a strong meaning behind - which one reflects your personality best?

I think my close friends and family would probably say Thyra.

How would you say embracing one’s individuality possible in 2020?

Having a sense of self and staying true to it. Embracing your individuality also allows you to feel confident within yourself. It's rewarding and honest. 

In three words, please tell us how you feel when wearing our new jewelry collection.

Timeless, comfortable and decorative.

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