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L&J Halloween Style Edit

 Halloween is finally coming closer! So in case you haven't sorted your costume yet now is the time: Here is how you style your L&J watch for Halloween......

Inspired by your favorite eerie movie characters we present below our two favorite Halloween styles for him and her: The perfect mix of spooky vs. elegant. 

I. FOR HER LJXII Lugano Silver Leather 26mm - Uma Thurman As Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction

First one, easy one: Put on that red lipstick, dress up in your favorite white shirt, black trousers and heels and all you have to add is some blood under your nose and the typical Mia Wallace hairstyle. Is this trick or treat? 

II. FOR HIM Rally Leather 39mm: Like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

Could it get any easier? Not really... this Halloween costume is one for the ones who always get things sorted last minute - we feel you! With the 'American Psycho' look you can basically gstraight to the party in your office wear. If you'd like to give it the bloodthirsty vibe just sprinkle some fake blood on your shirt and maybe take the plastic axe with you. How effortless could a Halloween costume be? 


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