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#LJSTYLED: Favourite Holiday Outfits

Is it just us, or did summer come and go before we could blink twice? It's not all bad news though. With the drop in temperature comes the re-emergence of the winter wardrobe.

We're back with ‘L&J Styled’ to highlight some of our favourite Holiday outfits. 


Utah-based Kevin Iman's wardrobe is built on a blend of muted and earthy tones that act as a perfect canvas for his minimalist style. Kevin completes his outfit with the addition of the LJXII Lugano Milanese in Silver Satin-White.


Minimalism takes on many forms and Michaela Babuskova effortlessly stands out with her monochromatic style. Her loose fits and tailored look are often paired with bold accessories; this time the Rally Vasa Link in Gold-Black. It's fine components and clean lines perfectly compliment Michaela's all-look.


Photographer and writer Cory Edwards gets practical with his winter wardrobe by using layered, neutral streetwear combined with a classic tan mac. His outfit is accompanied by the Meridian Milanese in Gold White and Meridian Leather in Silver White. 

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