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Photography Walk & Talk At The Studio

At our photography walk and talk this week, we welcomed legends Nirish Shakya and Tom J Johnson and our lovely L&J fans at the studio in Covent Garden.

Talking the importance of light, subject and context, Nepalese Australian photographer Nirish exhibited some of his latest works around showcasing different kinds of emotions besides showing us how to capture completely different moods in the same location. 

Full-time photography student and nature-lover Tom who has already built up an impressive following and got to work with big clients such as Astraea gave us some interesting insights and tips on how to build a convincing portfolio and become a successful photographer in nowadays highly competitive world. He talked about the importance of a strong social media presence as well as how to perfectly capture a moment through awareness and different light techniques, giving some valuable advice on what's important if you wanted to turn photography into a career.

What followed was an excited photography walk where each of our guests got the chance to capture their perfect #slowmoment. Winner Julie impressed with her fantastic black and white image where the composition of subjects, shadow and light built a fascinating scene. Congrats to you Julie, and all the other candidates who took some pretty epic images last night! 

Photo: Julie Adamson-Fargues

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