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Store Manager Robin will have worked at L&J for three years in August. The raw minimalist character of the brand is what caught his eye in the first place.

“I think minimalism is an art form. Just because something doesn’t have a lot of features doesn’t implicate that it can’t have an arty character. There is a marginal line between bare and minimal aesthetics that Larsson & Jennings never crosses.”



  1. If you decided to go for a leather strap, keeping the leather dry at all times certainly contributes to its longevity. If you prefer waterproofed leather, the patent straps are a brilliant alternative option.
  2. As with all leathers, sunlight slightly changes the material’s colour. Hence, whenever you take off your watch make sure to place it in a spot where there is no direct sunshine.
  3. Metal straps are usually easier to maintain. All Larsson and Jennings metal watches are waterproof up to 50 meters. Styles like the Velo even resist up to 100 meters. So don't worry about taking your watch into the shower with you. However, very hot water temperatures are not recommended as those can make the metal shrink.
  4. If you wear perfume on your wrists, try to spray it on the middle part of your forearm as it may darken the metal.
  5. Another great option to maintain your straps is by simply mixing it up. Having two or more straps for the same watch face gives you more room to play besides making them last longer.
  6. In Summer I’d recommend loosening the straps. This can help the material to breathe and therefore keeping it in shape.
  7. Gentle window cleaner removes stains very easily and keeps your watch shiny and in a great condition. Use a regular toothbrush to reach small corners.

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