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Why celebrate Singles Day?

Here at Larsson & Jennings we give you the run down on one of the biggest activations you may have never heard of, and our perfect way to spend it. We are celebrating Singles Day, a dynamic holiday from China that celebrates something truly great - you.  

Rooted in Asian tradition, it revolves around the increase in the number of single people in China due to the one-child policy. Society now encourages those who are technically ‘alone’ on 11.11 to treat themselves and purchase products that make them feel good. 

Singles Day is a great way to start your gifting early, whether it be for you or to share with the loved ones who make you feel special. 

As a brand we know how important it is to invest in a global customer rather than typical western sales practices hence the amazing deals you’ll get today on 11.11. We’ve linked this back to our hometown London to give you some food for thought –with some top tips to make the most of being single or having a day to yourself to spend with the one person you can always rely on, you. And of course, once you’ve enjoyed a day to yourself, the best of our product for you to treat yourself with.


Pick the best of (free) culture

A cultural capital of the world, London has so many free spaces and culturally important locations that you can take in on a journey along the iconic tube system. 

The British Museum 

We couldn’t discuss some of the best free spots in London without mentioning a space that holds endless inspiration for us. If the iconic roof isn’t enough to take in for hours then make sure to delve into Pantheon scriptures, mummies and over two million years of history in one space.

East London

The home of Larsson & Jennings HQ has plenty to offer. Get to grips with some of the best new and established food vendors and pop ups at the OG Boxpark followed by a visit to the iconic Columbia Road Flower Market. Make your way through a kaleidoscope of plants and flowers with an essential pit stop at one of the many pubs.

Visit a market

London has some of the best markets in the world, and they are in plentiful supply over some really interesting parts of the city. Choose from Portobello, Camden, Spitalfields, Brixton and Covent Garden for a mix of fashion, flowers, food and get to grips with one of the best things about London - the people. Whether your ends are North, South, East or West, each patron has a story and you won’t feel alone.

Wine and dine yourself 

All by yourself and want to get down with some amazing fare? What could be better. A lot of niche and new restaurants around London are walk in only. Being just one person means you’re more likely to get a table and enjoy the amazing culinary experience, eat in peace and absolutely no sharing, what could be better? 


This tiny Italian in Borough Market is worth the queue. Get to grips with the length and breadth of Italy with a mix up of classics and lesser well-known dishes. You can easily sample one or two and enjoy a glass of wine with a bill of under twenty pounds. 

40 Maltby Street

Another South London gem, this walk-in wine bar serves food to accompany their selective offering. There is an ever-changing seasonal menu and knowledgeable waiters means you won’t feel isolated but immersed in relaxed vibe over British fare. Go at the weekend and check out the market too. 

Explore different areas

Only have a few hours to explore on your own? Why not discover new and upcoming areas that have a lot going on, ensuring you won’t be bored and lets you see a special corner of the city with its own charm and escape the hustle and bustle of the central London streets. 

Coal Drops Yard

Launched at the end of October, this new space is the epitome of the new Kings Cross. Carefully cultivated product offerings work seamlessly with the physical app pop ups alongside amazing food so you will never be bored. Sample lifestyle products such as Earl of East London candles in Bonds or get your nails and hair done at the Beautystack pop up. There are so many exciting corners in this elegant space.  

Seven Dials 

Since it’s the location of our flagship store we are slightly biased here at L&J HQ but the offering at Seven Dials is second to none and has such a quaint neighborhood vibe for London. Pick up your watch in person on Monmouth Street, try on the best glasses Amsterdam has to offer from Ace & Tate, or make your own scent with Le Labo, to you from you.


Singles Day Gifts for Him


Our first chronograph, the Rally really stands out from the crowd. Inspired by the rich history of motorsport it is as precise as it is esteemed and represents the true nature of the modern classic as so encompassed by Larsson & Jennings.  


The new Velo seeks to bridge the gap between dress and sport watch; with London at it roots, it echoes the necessity for an all-purpose watch; a do everything and go everywhere companion will accompany you to work, to the gym and to dinner later the same day; then sleep, wake, repeat. Never a moment lost.

Singles Day Gifts for Her


Inspired by the beauty and movement of Northern Lights, the Aurora collection uses intricate dial detailing to reflect light and form a stunning visual effect. This is a modern interpretation of shapes and patterns that are designed to make a statement.


Our second watch, Norse takes pride of place in our LJXII collection. The refined square shape is a refreshed take on the renowned circular design, reimagining classic angular watches with modern finishes and details. The slim features are an ode to the dress watch of times gone by and the different guises works perfectly with any look. 

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