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Buying a watch is no mean feat; it is an investment meant to stand the test of time (quite literally) and Swiss watchmaking is often distinguished as an indication of quality. What is it that makes our Swiss Heritage watches renowned the world over, and their marker the one to invest in?

There was a time when a Swiss watchmaking was a given, it’s legacy of craftsmanship almost too hard to ignore, that however, has been questioned by advances in modern watch making.

Non Swiss watch Movements, have grown in provenance over the last few years. However our choice of genuine Swiss movements allows you to invest in our part of Swiss history in horology, one that is steeped in legacy, working against cheaper and more easily accessible parts that don’t have the same quality. 

Buying a Swiss movement watch is not only an investment in tradition but also in the way in which the watch is made too.

 Watchmaking is still intrinsic in the culture of Switzerland, although it wasn’t always the only place to make watches of excellence it remains one of the few, if only, that prides itself in being immersed in the craftsmanship, rich history and knowledge of making a watch. The law in Switzerland means that each individual watch that is made is quality tested, something that isn’t required in Asia as they only test 10% of a batch.

Quality resources differentiate Swiss manufacturing from other watches; using materials such as solid steel give these timepieces an impressive heavier feeling on the wrist, as well as a distinguishing shape for a significant period of time. This works with movements that are hand-assembled which combined with crystal sapphire glass creates the overall aesthetic luxury watches have become systematic with.
The quality of all the materials used means that they are easily repaired over time which allows them to become the investment piece that so many people are looking for when they purchase a watch.

At Larsson & Jennings all of our watches use Swiss movements; our ethos of reimagining the modern classic acknowledges this history and brings it to life for the contemporary customer. Our watches feature all of the tropes of Swiss manufacturing; everything from hand assembly, sand blasted dials to crystal sapphire glass. In order to ensure every part of the watch upholds this rigour, we work with the best artisans, craftsmen, suppliers and manufacturers on every feature and process, ensuring longevity for every piece.
In particular, the mechanical movement of our watches come from ETA; who have been producing these movements since 1793. We know that cutting parts, then polishing, filing and assembling them into miniature mechanical machines requires a level of accuracy and complexity which can only be calibrated and finished by a skilled human hand. 
Our five year guarantee means that any problems you may face along the way with your chosen time piece, we endeavour to keep your watch turning in the way it did the day you bought it.
Investing in a Larsson & Jennings watch means you are investing in the values of Swiss Heritage and its legacy.


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