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The Old Pilot's Watch

Simple but stylish with a fascinating history: Old pilot's watches are said to be the finest in the world. Having been around since 1904, when Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont asked his old friend Louis Cartier to develop a timepiece that would enable him to fly his aircraft with both hands while being able to keep track of time, the pilot watch effectively introduced the trend of wrist watches into male fashion.

Today, the pilot watch has emerged to become a true styling piece for both, men and women combining bold design and precision technology through cushion-shaped cases and luminous hands and markers, like our Meridian; the only travel watch you need. With its modern Arabic numerals and contemporary colourings, the Meridian collection places the traditional design of the older versions into a modern day horology setting.

How to style them

With the Meridian's distinctive look that relates to elements of contemporary minimalism and traditional design aspects at the same time, this watch style will work with almost any outfit in a man's wardrobe.

And while women are usually not a big fan of pilot watches as usually they are always promoted in a more male light, our Meridian stays true to Larsson & Jennings' unisex character through a classic colour range that works for both, male and female.

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