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#slowmoments With Dagny Paige For Baltisoul

For our Discovery Redefined campaign we have teamed up with art and photography magazine Baltisoul for a shoot and exclusive interview featuring LA-based model Dagny Paige. Read below to find out everything about the beach babe's career, inspiration and travel stories!

What inspired you to move to Los Angeles?

My answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up has changed a lot over the years, but it has always had to do with art. A ballerina, a rockstar, a fashion designer, a costume designer, a model. I’ve always known I’d find my way to LA or NY eventually; and I worked really hard to save and come visit out here in the summer of 2016. During that trip I signed with my agency and was also introduced to and stayed with this wonderful, loving, and generous family through my great uncle.

They welcomed me into their home and told me to “just stay,” when I signed with my agency so it was kind of this serendipitous moment in life where things just started to happen! I’ve been in LA ever since and am so grateful to my agency and my LA fam for taking a chance on me!

Favourite places to travel to?

I am dying to go back to Hawaii again, and anywhere and everywhere tropical! I also really enjoyed Paris and Amsterdam and would love to see more of Europe. I always love going home to Austin to see my friends and family and eat some good food!! 

Best travel story?

Oh, boy. I saw The Rolling Stones in Amsterdam for my 22nd birthday. That may take the cake! It’s such a beautiful place and I can’t wait to go back again.

Which are the best and worst parts about working as a model in LA?

The worst part about modelling in LA is how it can go so dark so quickly. You have to really look out for yourself here because no one else will. You have to remember to stay healthy and love yourself, treat yourself right. Be careful of who you surround yourself with. And most importantly, knowing that it’s okay to say “no.” and to walk away when you feel uncomfortable.

The best part though, is when you get to work with really wonderful teams/agents/models and are able to create something wonderful - the art, the friendships. There are SO many lovely, unique, kind, and strong creative people out here. Finding your tribe in it all is really special!

Who inspires you?

I find I am inspired by so many people every day. Kind people, people who stand up for what they believe in, people who show up for their lives, people who are actively pursuing their dreams. And ~especially~ my sweet friends and boyfriend who’ve really been in the trenches with me, that strength and love is very inspiring to me.

What does the term “Discovery Redefined” mean to you?

Discovering life in new and different ways. Seeing different things and parts of the world that maybe aren’t huge attractions but still beautiful to look at and fun to get to creating a special experience.

Where is your happy place and what fascinates you about it?

My happy place is the beach. Always the beach! I grew up in the middle of Texas and while Austin has plenty of lakes, the beach is 3 hours away. All my worries, stress, anxiety seem to fade away when I step into the ocean. It’s kind of magical in that way.

How do you find time to slow down and relax when life gets too busy?

When I get a day off I like to just take it to myself to sleep in, do a face mask, watch movies, hang with my man. If things get kinda hectic before I get a day off then I like to stay in at night, take some time to just be alone and reset - I’m definitely one of those people that gets socially overwhelmed after a while!

What does freedom mean to you?

It means the ability to live my life how I choose to live it, to be exactly who I am without fear of judgment, from myself or from anyone else. I spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think, want or care and not enough time thinking about what I could be doing or who I would be if I just didn’t care about that at all.

Tell us about your future plans!

Oh I am very excited about my future plans! As great as modelling has been, I’m ready for more new things. Specifically, music supervision. A music supervisor oversees and puts together soundtracks for film and tv. Kind of like the best of both worlds for me because I love both so much and a really great soundtrack has always stuck out to me and been part of why I get hooked on certain movies! Outside of a career, I plan on spending more time at my happy place and becoming a happier more whole person altogether with all the people that I love. :)

Photo: Ashley Seryn @ashleyseryn
Model: Dagny Paige @dagnypaige
Creative direction: Weslee Kate Heileman @wesleekatecreative

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