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Time On Your Hands: Self Care During Lockdown

We’re all experiencing a particularly challenging time at the moment. Whether you find yourself overwhelmed with new responsibilities or are finding it hard to adjust to a lack of routine, it’s more important than ever to take some time for yourself and practice self-care.

We caught up with Sadie Goodson, founder of Fix Up Feel Good for some advice on practicing self-care during lockdown.

What practices do you cover?

I offer a real mix to my clients, but all with the desired outcome of making you feel good! I teach Pilates which I love as it promotes a mind-body connection, I’m a holistic facialist, treating skin with natural and non-invasive techniques, and  a soft tissue therapist (more commonly known as a sports massage therapist).


Why are these practices important in the current climate?

As humans we’re social animals, so being cooped up inside (while comfortable for some), can start to play havoc on the mind and nervous system of the body as we’re without company and physical comfort from all our loved ones. The ‘stuff’ we normally rely on for milestones in the day have been removed (having a reason to wash and dress in the morning, our commute, taking a break for lunch), meaning our new normal has become unstructured and uncertain. This is where looking after our bodies, and finding time to dedicate to movement and self-care becomes all the more important, because we know that even a small amount of exercise increases serotonin in our brains and gives us a rush of feel-good endorphins, which we’re in serious need of right now, and while our lives may have become slower, the stress of the unknown can play havoc on our sleep, our skin and our digestive system, so our moments of self-care should be prioritised and treasured. 


Why should you be trying at-home Pilates right now?

Pilates is a slower form of exercise. It’s low-impact on the body, and focuses on the breath and precise and controlled movements, so this on it’s own has the ability to give your mind the space it needs to zone out the current anxieties and stresses that may be experienced at the moment.

Who can try Pilates?

Pilates really is for everyone. It’s commonly used by Physiotherapists as a form of rehabilitation for the body recovering from previous injuries, and really works to strengthen our core muscles which tend to become weak due to modern lifestyles of sitting a lot and bad posture. 


What equipment do you need, if any?

You don’t need any equipment except a mat or large towels on the floor to start with. This is why it’s been such a popular class to launch online, as everyone can get involved. Plus you don’t need a lot of space, and there’s no jumping about so you won’t annoy the neighbours!


What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit is definitely an increase in core strength. Your core is the cylinder of muscles that stabilise you and commonly known as the ‘powerhouse’ of muscles. It includes the tranversus abdominus (deep abdominal muscles), the multifidus (muscles aligning the spine), the pelvic floor and diaphragm. A key learning in Pilates is ‘centring’, this refers to the ability to engage and activate these core muscles before we perform any exercises, allowing us to move in the most efficient way possible. 

How can we take part?

I’m running classes each week through Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the ‘lunch hour’ at 12:30pm, and then Saturday morning at 10am. Each class is 30-35min long and focuses on something different each day. Monday we ‘Bend & Stretch’, Wednesday is ‘Abs’ focused and Friday is all about ‘Lower Body’, then Saturday is lovely and slow and restorative, so I encourage the group to dress cosy. Sign up is simple, I just ask anyone interested to follow me on Instagram and drop me an email - sadie@fixupfeegood.com - so I can get them on the circulated emails (no email addresses will be shared with anyone but myself). 

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