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Holiday Styling With Lolita Mas

Riga-born fashion blogger Lolita Masagutova a.k.a. @lolitamas lives and breathes fashion. Her blend of minimalism and pastel tones perfectly captures everything we love here at Larsson & Jennings. We caught up with Lolita to discuss watches, winter trends, and downtime over the holiday season.


What made you choose this particular piece and are there any particular details that really fit your style or a current trend?

I’ve been a fan of Danielle and WeWoreWhat for years. I knew the styles she was going to create with Larsson & Jennings would be beautiful. I absolutely love the WeWoreWhat 22mm Mixed watch in silver and gold because it’s a simple, timeless design, and the mixed metals let me wear with it almost every look on a daily basis.

How will you be wearing your watch this winter? Will there be any layering over the sleeves so it’s still visible?

I love wearing watches over the sleeves in the same way that you would normally wear any bracelet really. I’ll be layering it up with chunky rings for a bit of a bolder look.

What’s been your favourite trend so far this winter?  

Anything that’s from the 80s. I’m all about washed high-waisted denim, masculine silhouettes in outerwear and blazers, and square toes of the shoes. This is another reason why I chose the 22mm Mixed design from the WeWoreWhat collection; it reminds me of the watches from that period of time and blends really well with my own 80s inspired looks.

What are you most looking forward to this over the holidays and in 2020?

I’m really looking forward to having longer naps, more time to read books, and less time spent reading emails. This year has been incredible but also very exhausting. Like any other introvert in the world, I need some time for peace and quietness to recharge my batteries before the new year. In 2020, I’m looking forward to attending both, Copenhagen and New York Fashion Week for the first time. Hopefully, it’ll be a chance to continue expanding my business but I’d also love to find time for a new hobby. I made myself a promise that I would pass my driving test in the new year so I’m speaking it into existence here. 

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