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The Meaning Behind Our Chains

Yes, they’re pretty and the perfect finishing touch to any fit, but there’s more than just what meets the eye when it comes to our jewelry pieces. From the laborious ideation and design process to the not so simple task of finding the name that perfectly fits each piece. We first think of what each piece represents and then the feelings we would like it to emote within the wearer.

We’ve taken a few of our faves and delved a little deeper to see, what’s in a name?


Nova comes from an astrological term meaning when a star suddenly increases in size and brightness and thus releases a powerful energy. We wanted this dramatic piece to make you feel like you are stepping into your power and shining bright.

Aesthetically, the chunky chain emulates the twists and turns of life, bold links of rope chain joined together and inspired by the links formed in friendship it represents strength, unity and power. A stand alone piece of understated glamor that will set you aside from the crowd. 




With a name meaning 'beautiful' it’s no wonder we can’t get the Tuva bracelet out of our heads. A modern form of the Old Norse Tófa, taken from the word ‘beloved’ we chose Tuva to create a piece beloved to you

A distinctive piece featuring a bold and unusual chain of alternating U and ball-shaped links, the Tuva chain, is quirky, quaint and lovingly yours. 




She is little, petite, some may say understated but never under the radar. Quintessentially cute, Lil from the word 'little' is a truly lovely piece.

Pure and powerful, the Lil chain features alternating textured links for a nod to chunky vintage pieces. Wear alone or layer with any of our other chain bracelets for a curated collection, the décolletage of dreams.