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From Stockholm to Paris With Olivia Lodenius Björk

As a brand born in Stockholm, we always love to meet and connect with people from our home city. Olivia Lodenius Björk is a content creator who's impeccable style has been on our radar for a while, so we couldn’t wait to catch up with her and pick her brains on our spiritual home as well as fashion, food and the lifestyle change now she’s made the move to Paris.

Hi Olivia, please can you introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about you?

Hiiiiii, Im Olivia. i’m 24 and from Stockholm, Sweden but living in Paris. I’m currently juggling my studies in Business and Entrepreneurship with my job as a content creator. I’m a fashion nut with a real interest in minimal, chic style with an elevated edge and have always been drawn to European style and Parisian culture.

What do you love most about your home city and what made you make the move to Paris?

Stockholm will always have my heart. It’s such a beautiful city, I live in Archipelago which is super fun and lively, but also surrounded by greenery and lots of water so it’s such a relaxing place to be, the perfect mix of big city vibes and tranquil nature. I especially love it in Summer, it has the best vibe, such a buzz.

I moved to Paris to study but have always wanted to live there. It was an easy choice to make because it’s so exciting and chic but also close enough to home. But aside from my studies, it was an easy decision; the second hand shopping, the wine, the cheese, need I say more?

How would you describe your overall aesthetic?

Simple, chic, muted tones but elevated. I don’t go too mad on print or colours but rather let my personality shine through and amp my outfits up with accessories.

Now you’ve moved to Paris, how have you kept elements of your Stockholm roots in the way you dress? 

My style has really evolved since moving to Paris, I feel like i’ve found my own niche now i'm mixing Parisian influences into my looks. Moving away has been a great way to explore and  find my own sense of style. I’ve added a lot more accessorising into my wardrobe too since moving to Paris with bags, scarves and jewellery becoming much more of a centre piece when putting an outfit together.

Obviously, as a brand born in Stockholm, there’s a LOT we love about it but what do you think is the best thing about the city?

It’s got to be its people, everyone is so open and kind. I feel like there’s a bit of a hard outer shell but when you crack through everyone is so friendly and warm.

What does a typical day in the life of Olivia look like?

I’m spinning quite a lot of plates at the moment so my days are quite jam packed. I’m not really a breakfast person but I always start with a tea before I get ready and head off to school. It's a pretty long walk but I make it most days as it really clears my mind and sets me up for the day.

Most days are pretty much back to back with lessons, then when they’re finished I go and meet friends. I feel really lucky to have moved to a new city and made such a great bunch of friends, we met on social media mainly and arranged a few meet ups and immediately just clicked. Normally we’ll grab a coffee and shoot some content, then I head home to edit it, watch some T.V and relax before bed.

As a March baby your birthstone is aquamarine which represents happiness, hope and eternal youth (lucky you) do you think these are accurate representations of you?

Yes I think so, both a reflection of me and me and also what I aspire to be in life. Especially happiness, I think most of my friends would agree I’m a happy person.

Which are your favourite LJ pieces?

The Boyfriend Watch, it’s so elegant and versatile. I love the bezel shape and the delicate little sparkling details really make it so chic and elevated. My house mate saw mine and loved it so much she bought one for herself too. I like to stack my pieces so I wear it alongside my birthstone bracelet which is also really cute.

How do you style them?

They really complement my personal style so keep the outfits simple and let the pieces stand out. I wore them today with a gray blazer and felt it looked fab alongside the pearly face. In summer I’ll probably go for a white maxi as that always looks great with gold jewelry. Then maybe a pop of blue to [pick out the aquamarine hues in the bracelet.

You’re a Stockholm girl living in Paris, but let’s see where your heart really lies with a round of quick fire this or that questions:

Meatballs or Paté

It's meatballs for me (but they're both yum)

Wine or Beer

Definitely wine

Semla or croissants

Oh I cant decide, I love them both so this one's got to be a tie.

Josephine Baker or Abba?

100% Abba, I looooove them!

Amelie or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Amelie, such a gorgeous French film

Midsommar or Bastille Day?

Midsommar! Without a doubt, it's like Christmas but sunny for us. My favourite day of the year

Parisian chic or Nordic aesthetic?

Nordic Aesthetic, Scandinavian style just pips it to the post. (unpopular opinion...parisian chic isn't as chic as I thought)