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Hanging Out With The Gals

It's Galentine's Day, so we've had a dreamy date with our LA gals Stephanie a.k.a. @shhtephs and her bestie Megan. Talking friendship and self-love we got to the bottom of what's truly important in life!

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What does Galentine’s Day mean to you?

S: For me, it’s a day to celebrate the amazing women in your life and do something special with or for them and I’m so glad to have a wonderful friend group to do this with every year.

M: Galentine’s Day is a day of celebrating the women in your life. I love the group of girlfriends I surround myself with and Galentine’s day is a nice reminder to celebrate these relationships. 

How/Where did you two meet?

S: We are actually cousins! We have been best friends pretty much since birth.

M: We were born besties. Cousins born 6 months apart. 

What are your favorite traits about each other?

S: Megan is so fun and silly! She really brings out that part in me. She’s also so supportive and always there for me no matter what for basically my entire life so it’s so hard to imagine life without her in it!

M: There is such a level of comfort in your cousin being your best friend. Spending time together is always like a warm hug. I love that we have shared the best times together, been there for each other through the worst times, and have a lifetime of memories to sit back and reminisce on. 

What TV or movie duo best represents you both?

S: We definitely bonded over so many random TV shows and movies but any Mary Kate and Ashley movie was it for us. 

M: Old school Mary Kate and Ashley 100%. 

It’s Galentine's Day, you and your bestie are spending the day together, what’s the plan?

S: Definitely a sleepover to start where we watch random movies all night or Love Island, haha. Brunch in the morning and going shopping! We’ve honestly done this our entire lives. My mom would take us shopping when we were younger anytime we had a sleepover.

M: We love a good sleepover so our day together would likely begin with coffee/breakfast after a night of movies or love island. We would then either go shopping or to Disneyland. If we were to shop she would talk me into buying things I wouldn’t buy if she weren’t there. If we were at Disneyland we would spend the day snacking. 

What traits do you treasure the most in a friend?

S: Her giving nature and creativity. The moment you walk into her home she’s always taking care of you whatever you need. She also is so talented when it comes to creativity and just creating beautiful things whether it’s her cookie business or just crafting!

M: Loyalty and understanding are two traits I treasure most. Someone who I know will always be there even when times get tough and who understands when things don’t go according to plan. 

Galentine’s Day is not just about friends but women in general! Who are your Icons/the women you look up to the most?

S: I’d have to say, my friends! They are all so talented in so many different ways and their struggles and achievements have shaped them into amazing people that I admire so much.

M: A woman I have always looked up to is my mom. And working moms in general. No matter what, my mom has always supported me and my dreams and I have her to thank for my success in life. 

It’s also about celebrating the most important wxman in your life - you! How do you practice self-love?

S: Self-love to me means taking the time to do what I need for myself. Whether that’s taking breaks, planning a solo day for myself, or letting something go that doesn’t serve me anymore. 

M: I practice self-love by resting. As a small business owner, I don’t allow myself much downtime so taking a day or two just to recharge my battery, get outside, and stay off my email… Whatever is on there can wait!