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All about you, Cancer.

It’s cancer season and boy do we know it, intense by nature you lot are typically big, bold and charismatic. If there’s something on your mind you better believe it will be voiced, but equally your passionate and devoted nature mean you are the first friend to know when something is up and insist on getting it out in the open, a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on, Cancereans hold loyalty high in regard, truly a ride or die friend.

The month ahead

Shine on Cancer baby, Summer solstice has arrived and with it, your season, happy birthday!

Feel a boost of confidence, a rush of energy, and the motivation to chase your goals and really focus on you. The people you keep close will notice your drive and be there to encourage and push you forward. You're creative by nature and now is the time to let that side of you flourish, whether it’s a work project or a side hustle, get back in your groove and give it your all.  

Your determined nature means that at times you have tendency to be hard on yourself, whilst you're reconnecting with your imagination and inner world, maybe you also take a second to review the way you speak to yourself, see the way you sparkle and reassess the self doubt that sometimes creeps in.

Your look: Fantasising and dreaming big are the buzz words  for you this month, so let that be reflected in your jewelry choices too. Daydream your way into a glitzy maximalist look by stacking your rings, try the Rosa, Lova, Eevi, and Lilja. And don’t forget to mark your month with the Cancer Zodiac necklace and beautiful July birthstone bracelet.

Your soundtrack: Drift away and fantasize, now is the time for Daydreaming  by Massive attack 

Your nourishment: Keep vibes high and nourishment bright now that Summer Solstice is upon us. Think Vitamin D, juicy oranges, tropical fruits and sunny smoothies.