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Horoscopes - It's Pisces Season

All about you, Pisces.

You’re the ultimate dreamer, a heart eyes emoji with their head in the clouds, and people love that about you. A creative, artistic and imaginative being with a wistful soul. You possess a radiant inner beauty best described as “angelic”. You are compassionate to the core, the first to help a friend in need or lend a hand to strangers in need.

Your sensitive nature leaves you vulnerable at times so be aware of this and protect yourself. This can be done in the deepest and most delicate ways: Keep your friendship group close, practice affirmation and ensure you make time for self love.

When it comes to love both romantic and platonic you will find your perfect match in Scorpio and Taurus. But keep your guard up with Gemini and Sagittarius as their fiery natures don’t tend to mesh well with your more delicate persona.

The month ahead

You’ve got off to a slow start this month Pisces, but be patient and trust the universe, big things are on the horizon. As we cruise into March, major planetary shifts are coming as Saturn moves into your sign.

Expect a period of transition as Pisces season kicks off when the Sun starts its month-long visit, there’s energy, anticipation and excitement in the air. The perfect time to make plans, crack on with tasks, start new projects and really be productive. 

The beginning of the month may have been quiet but things are really starting to amp up for you, Pisces! Put your foot on the gas with work and relationships and stop treading water. It’s time to go into overdrive and reap the rewards.

Your look: Pisces season is a time to be bold and brave so let your ‘fits reflect that. Clashing prints, colour blocking and maximalist jewellery are your vibe this month: Layer your zodiac necklace with the statement Erla Necklace and finish the look with an Elevate Watch and some chunky Ida Creole Earrings.

Your soundtrack: You’re strutting your way into March right now so choose the tunes that fill you with joy and replicate that energy. Is there any other choice really? Beyonce - Cuff it, Play it LOUD!

Your nourishment: It’s a colourful month where you’re tackling life head on so you’re going to need all the sustenance you can get. Choose rainbow bowls of colorful veg, lots of protein and healthy goodness. Then why not dare to try something new, now is the perfect time to expand your horizons.