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All about you, Virgo

The epitome of chic, you’ll never see a Virgo with a hair out of place. Whether it’s their uber organised nature or desire to have control over every aspect of their life, this star sign has an attention to detail that seeps out into every area of life, which some may find a touch irritating or “control freak-y” but they mean no harm, Virgo just wants to keep everything and everyone in line (and to SLAY while doing so).

The month ahead

The sun enters your sign on August 23rd and you're feeling FIRE. Naturally elegant, fascinated by fashion and compelled to make outfits match, Virgo season sees you more polished and powerful than ever.  However Mercury retrograde also begins this day so be sure to stay on top of things, you wouldn’t want to let the ball drop on your normally militant organisation.


Pushing further into this month sees some serious bank account action, it's a frantic time for finances so you may feel a compulsion to spend, once again that organised side needs to come into play and make sure you keep any compulsions in check.

Your attractive, poised outward demeanour and quick wit mean you’re never short of admirers, and as this month rolls out it is no different. Keep your eyes and heart open as your romantic life may be about to take a turn for the better (and the spicier) But boundaries are your best friend here, keep that in mind and you're gonna have a fun finish to Virgo season


Your look: Elegance is key to the Virgo look so you’ll find your match in bold looks like Viveca Necklace and Creoles paired with a premium watch style such as Boyfriend Elevate Gold

Your soundtrack:  Chic and romantic just like you, Je t'aime moi non plus by Jane Birkin screams sophisticated Virgo

Your nourishment:  Chic and simple with a touch of class, wine and a steak for your elegant palette.