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Horoscopes - Scorpio Season Is On!

All about you, Scorpion ❤️ 🦂

You are bold and brazen, strong and stoic, Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with. With a enigmatic personality that burns bright and intense passion for life, this is juxtaposed by an air of mystery. Despite your charisma you prefer to keep your private life private by fiercely guarding yourself, your feelings and your own goings on.

Drawn to anything kinky, risky or thrilling,  ​​Scorpios like extremes, challenges, danger and darkness and this is both your brilliance and your downfall. When the risks become too risky just like the deadly scorpion your sting can be fatal

The month ahead 

As a water sign it's your time to thrive but there's no question about it, this coming month is going to be INTENSE!  Scorpio season is all about honing in on your important relationships and giving them the utmost focus. Take the people and things that matter to you and allow yourself to become more entangled. You’re taking someone/something you like, and you’re able to transform it into your passion.

Alongside your passionate nature comes a more analytical side, so use that now to investigate and learn more about who or what you’re interested in. With these amplified emotions come a stronger sense of intuition, so now more than ever, you shouldn’t neglect your instincts.


Your look: For big and bold it's got to be Boyfriend. This chunky and eye catching classic watch has got your name written all over it.

Your soundtrack: She's a legend and a fellow Scorpio who's passion cries out with every lyric. Chuck some Joni on for all the feels. Joni Mitchell - Talk to me

Your nourishment: Food thats traditionally made with passion and bold flavour is all that can match your energy right now. From tag to spag, you should be piling up your plate with pasta this month.