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How To Travel Alone & Love It

Within the past years solo globetrotting has become a popular trend. Especially the number of female travellers has doubled since 2015 which shows that either the world has become a little bit less hostile or that there must be some pretty good tips and tricks on how to travel alone, enjoy it, and stay save. Spending more time with yourself can be a healing but also quite scary adventure which however, can ultimately lead to powerful self-transformation. We’ve put together a list for you on why and how traveling alone is a must this year!

Those experiences will make you grow

Handling tricky situations on your own can get to a completely new level if these are happening outside your day-to-day life. At the end you will certainly learn from and never forget all the good and bad things happening during your trip which might then allow you to see the world, people and yourself from a new perspective.

Make those travelling blogs your favourite reads

Studying the countless online blogs, Instagram pages and articles on everything you need to know when solo travelling, as well as different cultures will make it a lot easier to get around and make those trips feel less intimidating and a lot more relaxing.

What’s your purpose?

Focusing on what you might want to discover and achieve during your travels is a pretty good start before hitting the road. Are you a fitness lover? Why not going for a big hike discovering the Camino De Santiago in Galicia? Or do you want to get more into meditation? Then maybe that yoga retreat in Bali is more for you. The options are endless and the choice is yours!

Be wise when taking advice

Especially if you haven’t travelled alone yet, you will probably realise that a lot of people along the way will try to give you their well-meant but maybe not always reliable advice. And while a few of them might genuinely help you along the way, you should not follow all of them straight away. Especially in third-world countries it’s better to ignore the chats with locals and trust your gut feeling - and those foreign travel advice books instead.

Stay save and happy travels!