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International Women's Day with Talie Even-Hen

It's International Women's Day and we here at L&J are celebrating it with Psychology student and fashion enthusiast Talie Even-Hen a.k.a. @talieevenhen. The Ottawa-based mental health advocate shares our love for a vibrant styling and mixed metals looks. Having struggled with perfectionism and ADHD, Talie one day decided to create her own blog as a creative mirror and sanctuary where she would be able to escape her illness and just be herself.

Besides being a super-human, Talie is our go-to source of inspiration for an authentic style and attitude. Styling our Mini Boyfriend watches and Helena ring, the muse created a laid-back look that we've completely fallen for.

Read our short interview with Talie below.

What is your story? Tell us about yourself!

I’m a 29 year old psychology student and fashion enthusiast. I would love to find a happy medium between both worlds in the future. 

What does female empowerment mean to you?

If a man can do it, so can a women - maybe even better. 

Your fashion Do's and Don'ts are...

Be yourself. Don’t copy others just to feel accepted. 

Which achievements by women do you celebrate?

Any achieved by local women (Ottawa, Canada), especially those that I know personally. 

What do you love about your L&J pieces?

They are such timeless, good quality pieces! I’m at this age where if I can’t see myself sharing my pieces with my future children, I don’t want them. My L&Js definitely fit that criterion.