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Meet Magazine Founder Daisy Olivia J.

Daisy Olivia J. @daisyoliviaj is our go-to source for inspiration when it comes to colourful outfits and a full dose of female entrepreneurial spirit. The e-magazine Editor and Founder had a chat with us talking us through her own inspiration, empowerment, and how she manages time.

What’s your story?

Good question! I'm Daisy, a 31-year-old Content Creator, Stylist, Writer and Founder of Wear Next. I live in Margate with my boyfriend Tal and my dog Freddie. 

I previously worked at Fabulous Magazine as Fashion Assistant, then at Oasis as the Brand Stylist. I quit my job at the end of 2019 to go travelling and made it to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, before the pandemic meant I had to come home in March 2020. I decided to put all my skills together and launch Wear Next.



Tell us more about your magazine ‘Wear Next UK’! When did you decide to start it and what inspired you back then?

After working for magazines and fashion brands, I decided to put all my skills together and I launched Wear Next in November 2020. We are a fashion and beauty destination, dedicated to sharing the latest news, trends and advice. Since launching, we've grown to receive 200,000 views per month from likeminded fashion lovers. 

While I love fashion and have worked in it for years, I've always found certain parts of it can exclude women. I wanted to create a platform that doesn't judge and encourages freedom of expression. I truly believe you should wear whatever makes you happy and I hope our readers feel that when they visit the website. 

My mum has been a constant source of inspiration for me and always taught me not to care what people think about what I wear. She's a maximalist through and through, which is where I got my love of colour and pattern!

How do you organise yourself as an Influencer and Editor?

It's tough! I have countless notebooks, but my favourite is my Legend Planner. It helps me to organise my goals and plans by week, months and years. Writing down what I want to achieve really helps me to keep my goals in mind every day.



What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment means being able to be your authentic self. Nobody should ever have to make themselves smaller or to feel they're not represented.

What do you love about your L&J pieces?

I only ever wear gold jewellery, so I absolutely love the gold Boyfriend watch. It's not too fussy, but looks so chic.